Opportunity to Provide Input

Transportation Policy affects all federal agencies and Transportation Service Providers who are involved in rate tender or FAR based contracts with Federal agencies.  GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy, Transportation Policy is responsible by statute (31 U.S.C. 3726; and 40 U.S.C. 481, et seq) for issuing, reviewing and amending the Federal Management Regulations Part 102-117—Transportation Management and Part 102-118 — Transportation Payment and Audit.

Currently, the interagency Governmentwide Transportation Policy Council (GTPC) is undertaking a focused review of Part 102-118. Although group activities are limited to Federal participants, we welcome input from all stakeholders at: GSA-OGP-transporationpolicy@gsa.gov 

The 6 subparts in Part 102-118 Transportation Payment and Audit are being worked in two phases.  Phase I is being conducted in FY14.  This includes evaluation of Subpart A – General, Subpart D – Prepayment Audits of Transportation Services, and Subpart E – Postpayment Transportation Audits.

Phase II of our review is expected to begin in FY15.  This will include evaluation of Subpart B-Ordering and Paying for Transportation and Transportation Services; Subpart C-Use of Government Billing Documents; Subpart F- Claims and Appeals Procedures and a return look at Subpart A-General.

To learn more about the rulemaking process, visit http://regulationroom.org/learn/what-rulemaking

Last Reviewed 2015-03-02