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GSA and Magazine Challenge Designers to Provide Green Solutions To Improve an Ordinary, Mid-Century Federal Office Building

GSA is partnering with Metropolis magazine in its eighth annual Next Generation Design Competition, challenging emerging designers and architects to offer innovative ideas on how to take a midcentury federal office building and make it a model of environmental efficiency. The winner of the competition will be awarded $10,000 from its sponsors.

Echoing GSA Administrator Martha Johnson’s zero environmental footprint goal for the agency, the ideas competition is asking entrants to design “fixes” that will transform a building in Los Angeles into one that exhibits the highest possible performance level in a memorable, beautiful, and original way.  

Entrants may be teams working together to transform the building and its surroundings, or individuals or small groups tackling one or two systems or elements, such as the façade, roof, doors and windows, interior furnishings and equipment, and signage. The entries must also focus on making the building safe, accessible, and efficient for the people who work there and the thousands who visit it.

The competition is based on the belief that every design specialist — at every scale of design — has something important to contribute.

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