New Construction and R&A Projects

The "New Construction and Repair and Alteration (R&A) Projects in Public Buildings" map shows new construction and major and minor R&A projects in federal buildings under GSA’s custody and control. 

New construction and major R&A projects that are above the current prospectus threshold of $2.85 million for two different fiscal years are displayed on the map.

  • Projects for FY2014 were funded as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, and GSA will begin to execute these projects this year.

  • Projects for FY2015 have been included in the President’s Budget request, but require approval and funding from Congress before the projects can begin.

Minor R&A projects that are less than the current prospectus threshold of $2.85 million and planned to be awarded during FY2014* are also displayed on the map.

*Note: Although GSA was appropriated $378 million for minor R&A projects in FY2014, projects displayed on the map total approximately $440 million. GSA plans for more minor R&A projects than available funding will cover in a given fiscal year. GSA plans in this manner in case savings are realized on a particular project(s), or if a planned project isn’t executed when planned, which may happen for a variety of reasons, so that other planned projects are in the pipeline and ready to be awarded. As a result, not all of the minor R&A projects displayed on the map will be awarded in FY2014.

Last Reviewed 2015-04-01