Total Workplace Tools

Circulation Defining and Planning is an attempt to bring clarity to this topic. It explores terminology, the difference between Circulation Multipliers and Circulation Factors, and a recommended method to estimate and plan for circulation.

This publication aims to show that there is a way out of this worker’s "personal hell"… but without a room, and without a door. As the Federal Government transitions to greater density and less private enclosure for economic and organizational reasons, acoustic performance will need to transition from a "side issue" to a "core issue."

The purpose of this document is to bridge the gap across the various industry benchmarking metrics. By developing a consistent and uniform method for measuring workplace metrics, we are able to uncover the differences and similarities between industry benchmarks, understand how workplace standards and strategies affect space allocation and identify workplace trends.

Developed to measure and document quality improvements between a customer’s existing and new/renovated workplace conditions. High level results provide immediate feedback for leadership and project teams, inform areas for focused improvements in development of designs, policies, and operations, and ultimately measure project success.



Last Reviewed 2014-04-23