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Surplus U.S. Government Property Auction


SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announces the public auction of the three and three tenths (3.3) shares in the Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company.  GSA sells surplus federal real estate at and In 2013, more than 213 federal properties have been sold or conveyed by GSA creating more than $97.10 million in taxpayer savings.


The public auction closing period for the Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company’s water shares is expected to begin in mid-June.  A countdown clock indicating how much time is left in the sale will ensure everyone will know exactly how much time remains to place a bid.  Interested bidders will have to provide a $2,000 bid deposit (refundable) to register for the sale and bid on the property.


The water shares are owned in the Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company (Corporation) and are governed by a “Water Purchase Agreement” amendments dated December 3, 1987 with amended bylaws dated June 10, 2006. According to the by-laws, the purchaser will require approval by the board of directors. These documents can be found on the property’s auction webpage at


This sale represents a unique opportunity to acquire approximately 4.29 acre-feet of water usage from the Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company.  These water shares were acquired by the National Park Service from Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Co. in 1977.  Due to a desire to reduce administrative overhead and costs, the water shares are now being disposed of by GSA.  The Board of the Springdale Consolidated Irrigation Company has stated that their criteria for approving the purchaser of these shares will only be that they must own property in Springdale, Utah.


The public can find more information about this auction by contacting William Morgan at (817) 978-4239 or and by visiting



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