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Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center Open for Business

The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center opened for normal operations Monday, July 28, 2014, following at a power outage one week prior.  Crews successfully installed parts to replace damaged sections of the electrical system that triggered closure of the facility.  After a thorough systems and safety check, GSA officials have cleared the building for re-occupancy Monday.


The U.S. General Services Administration closed the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center during the week of July 21, 2014 when a buss duct-- serving as a conduit to the building’s electrical system-- malfunctioned and knocked power to the chiller plant and large portions of the electrical grid.  Further evaluation is needed to determine what caused the malfunction.

Crews worked aggressively throughout the week  to assess the full extent of damage, restore power to critical building systems, arrange for fabrication of replacement parts now out of production, and repair the damage.  Careful to monitor every aspect of recovery, GSA even arranged for hourly tracking of the newly manufactured buss duct during its overnight delivery from Tennessee Wednesday night.  

GSA’s recovery plan also included assisting federal agencies in their efforts to continue operations during the building closure.  GSA held daily calls with agencies impacted by the closure, communicating details of GSA’s plans and progress to restore normal building operations.  Staff from several agencies utilized mobile workstations and meeting rooms at GSA’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Building, one block south of the Atlanta Federal Center, during the closure.  GSA also facilitated agencies’ emergency access to retrieve essential items from the property throughout the week and re-establish operations upon completion of repair.

The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center houses twenty-one federal agencies, nearly 5000 employees, and a federal child care facility.

  Contractor installs buss duct       

 Contractor Installs Buss Duct                           
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