Office of Communications and Marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) is GSA’s singular resource for all internal and external communications needs. OCM's main job is to use communications to help the agency meet its mission and business goals.  

OCM offers a variety of services designed to meet business needs, including:

  • media relations
  • web-based communication

Media Inquiries

Media inquiries should be directed to the Media Affairs Division in Washington, DC, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on federal holidays. The Media Affairs Division may be reached at`

GSA Media Contacts:

Press Beat Name/email
Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications and Marketing Brett Prather
Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Communications and Marketing Teressa Wykpisz-Lee
Regional GSA Media Contacts:
Region Name and Number Contact
New England (1) Patrick Sclafani
Northeast and Caribbean (2) Patrick Sclafani (Acting)
Mid-Atlantic (3) Gina Gilliam
Southeast Sunbelt (4) Saudia Muwwakkil
Great Lakes (5) Cat Langel
Heartland (6) Charlie Cook (Acting)
Greater Southwest (7) Tina Jaegerman
Rocky Mountain (8) Sally Mayberry
Pacific Rim (9) Traci Madison
Northwest/Arctic (10) Sally Mayberry (Acting)
National Capital (11) Teressa Wykpisz-Lee


GSA's Communications Managers

GSA’s Communications Managers are responsible for communications and outreach for various agency offices. Below is a list of agency Communications Managers and their client offices..

GSA Office Communications Managers
Public Building Service Rob Wexler, Thomas Walton, Robert Buckley*
* Also look for regional contacts
Federal Acquisition Service Cara Battaglini*
*If you’re in the region, look for regional contacts as well
Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies  
Office of the Chief Financial Officer  
Office of Government-wide Policy Greg Flynn
Office of the Chief Information Officer Greg Flynn (acting)
Office of General Counsel Deborah Ruiz
Office of Mission Assurance Greg Flynn (acting)
Office of Human Resources Management Jeff Woodworth
Office of Civil Rights Ernestine Ramsay
Office of Small Business Utilization Jeff Woodworth
Office of Administrative Services Jeff Woodworth
Region 1 Patrick Sclafani
Region 2 Bryan Lerner, Steve McAllister, Nisha Jasani
Region 3 Sean Hearn, Sarah Puleo, Benvenida Curley
Region 4 Amina Brock, Greg Andrews, Alicia Woods
Region 5 Mike Mitchell, Bruce Hall
Region 6 Leslie LaMar, Stan Austin, Elizabeth Connell
Region 7 Shala Geer-Smith, Leslie Powell
Region 8 Brenda Armijo
Region 9 Traci Madison
Region 10 Stephanie Teague, Lauren Isaksen
NCR Edythe Challenger, Jennifer Coward, Monica Wright
1800 F Specific Activities Steve Hoffman

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Expert
Public Outreach Kelly Paisley
Social Media Tania Mejia
Graphics design Andy Black
Video production Jeff White
Event Photography David Alexander
Portrait Photography Tobi Edler
Speeches Daniel Kohns
Website Design Sarah Bryant
Mobile Applications Patrick Son
Last Reviewed 2015-12-30