Henry Bonilla Disclosure Form

 Date and Time of Contact: Name of the Employee(s) Contacted:  Brief description of the contact:
November 1, 2010
Jeffery Neely
Patricia Chang-Lynn
Abdee Gharavi
Clark Van Epps
Matthew Jear
Barry Dauphinee
Allan I. Aasmaa
GSA employees whose names appear on this form met with Mr. Henry Bonilla, lobbyist representing Duty Free America (DFA) and DFA staff to discuss GSA’s acquisition of property that DFA owns for the expansion of the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry Project.  In particular,  Mr. Bonilla and DFA requested:

1. GSA to consider allowing a pedestrian duty free store near the old custom house adjacent to the path for east side southbound pedestrian crossing. This is the only portion of the project that will be funded by ARRA.

2. GSA to consider allowing the use of property between the proposed realigned I-5 South and the new parking structure for a new auto duty free shop.

3. GSA to consider leaving enough land available for DFA to construct a small duty free store and maintain a parking business on the western end of the site by Virginia Ave. This would allow DFA to maintain, on a smaller scale, their current businesses near the port.

GSA agreed to take the above requests under advisement and consult with CBP on the security and mission related operational implications of the above before any decisions are made.
Name of the Employee(s) who prepared this form: Date:
Abdee Gharavi 11/01/2010
Registered Lobbyist(s) Name: Title: Firm or Organization, if applicable: Client:
Henry Bonilla Partner The Normandy Group Simon Falic, Chairman
Joseph W. Kearney, Sr. VP.
Louis R. Escareno, Director
Francisco Guerrra
H. J. Brady, Brady’s Duty Free


Last Reviewed 2010-11-02