OASIS - One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services

“We believe OASIS will reduce the number of full-and-open procurements across government and drive extraneous costs out of the acquisition process.”
FAS Commissioner Tom Sharpe

GSA developed One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services, or OASIS, so that federal agencies can more easily purchase complex professional services together in a single package.

Previously, agencies had to access various schedules and separate contracts, which ranged from environmental services to financial solutions. By applying what GSA has learned from strategic sourcing and listening to a broad range of agencies, OASIS combines access to multiple sets of suppliers into one contract to drive down the administrative costs of purchasing complete professional service solutions. Agencies that use this program not only avoid excess costs that result from managing and awarding multiple contracts, but also improve the time it takes to execute their procurements.

GSA also offers OASIS Small Business (OASIS SB), which supports small businesses by giving these entrepreneurs a valuable opportunity to work with the federal government. OASIS is a reliable, flexible, and efficient way for agencies to obtain the best value and savings for complex professional services.

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Last Reviewed 2016-07-13