Reports and Publications

Annual Performance Plan

These plans detail GSA's strategy to promote efficiency, drive savings for customer agencies, and deliver better value and service to the government and the American people. It also includes our Agency Priority Goals and what steps we are taking to make them a reality.

Sustainability Report

Creating a sustainable government is one of our agency's most important priorities. As a result, each goal related to sustainability measures is tracked quarterly as a part of the Performance Measurement process. Using evaluation measures, accomplishments, and strategies, this report summarizes the sustainability of our Agency Priority goals.

2013 Agency Financial Report

This comprehensive report details GSA's accomplishments and challenges in program and financial management over the past year. In addition, the report gives an extensive overview of our operations and our financial information. The analysis and data in the AFR give a comprehensive picture of GSA as a whole.

OMB Performance Measures

GSA is committed to being as efficient and transparent as possible. This compares  GSA FY 2013 performance results to the targets that were reported to the Office of Management and Budget in the FY 2012 Congressional Justification. It also includes the FY14 and FY15 targets for each strategic objective.

Consolidated Financial Reports

This is a collection of GSA's consolidated balance sheets, statements of net cost, statements of changes in net position, and statements of budgetary resources as of September 2013 and 2012.

OCSIT Annual Reports

In FY13, the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies supported GSA's mission and priorities by leading agency partners in innovation, delivering better value and savings while improving sustainability. This document illustrates the many accomplishments of OCSIT in FY13.

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