Auburn Federal Complex Exchange


GSA is focused on delivering the best value to the American people in the real estate services it provides to our federal partners.

The Auburn Federal Complex Property is approximately 129 acres of land in the Auburn Valley located near Highways 18 and 167 along the C Street and 15th Street SW and near to the Auburn Supermall. Improvements are dominated by dry storage warehouses. Most warehouses are beyond their useful life and were recently vacated. Office buildings also located on the site are modernized, occupied and functional.

Office occupants are GSA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Federal Protective Service (FPS), and the Social Security Administration (SSA). Considering the Property’s large size and former warehouse function, the Property is not utilized to its best value. The Property is a valuable asset for GSA and the government.

As part of GSA’s ongoing efforts to make more efficient use of government property, dispose of unneeded assets, and save taxpayer dollars, the agency has launched the first steps towards accomplishing an exchange. An exchange would leverage the market value of the Property whose title would be transferred to a developer. The developer, in exchange, would provide title to an equally valued office property or provide construction services to renovate or construct a new office and accomplish the terms of an exchange. GSA is looking to real estate developers to submit ideas for exchanging all or part of the Property that would enable GSA to acquire the optimal solution to meet the office housing requirements for GSA, FPS, and SSA. Through a Request for Information, or RFI, GSA is asking industry for ideas on how it can exchange all or a portion of the Property and still satisfy the housing needs of GSA, SSA, and FPS in best value to the taxpayer. In addition, GSA welcomes ideas that would allow the inclusion of additional federal agencies currently in leased space to be relocated into a federal housing solution with GSA, SSA, and FPS.


Through this RFI, GSA hopes to partner with the real estate industry to explore new and innovative solutions that maximize the value of the Auburn Federal Complex. The RFI is an opportunity to identify smart and financially viable options that benefit all parties.

Industry Day - Information Session

GSA hosted an Industry Day for interested parties on June 3, 2015 at the Social Security Administration Office.

Last Reviewed 2016-02-10