GSA Schedule Solicitations

Review the complete listing below to determine the appropriate GSA Schedule number for your product or service. Selecting the Schedule number will takes you to GSA eLibrary. It has an updated category guide designed to facilitate searches for specific groups of items, and a hyperlink to each Schedule's current solicitation on Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps). 

Call the National Government Service Center at 1(800) 488-3111 or email, if you have any questions about submitting a new offer, or about whether the Schedule is appropriate for your company product and/or service.

Center for Innovative Acquisition Development

The Center for Innovative Acquisition Development (CIAD) provides a broad spectrum of professional services and acquisition solutions to its customers within the federal government. CIAD specializes in the service areas of strategic sourcing, and emergency preparedness and response recovery contracting.

Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule 520.

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Management Services Center: This office offers expertise in a variety of services:

  • The Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Schedule;
  • The Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule;
  • The Language Services Schedule;
  • The Environmental Services Schedule;
  • The Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Schedule; 
  • The Consolidated Schedule; and
  • Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Schedule.p

Center for IT Schedule Programs: Access the largest federal technology contracts. GSA offers a full suite of information technology (IT) and telecommunications products, services, and solutions from highly qualified industry partners. Our pre-competed contracts enable faster acquisition, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance, and lower prices that provide you with savings.

Greater Southwest Acquisition Center (formerly General Products Acquisition Center): This office has expertise in a wide variety of diverse products and services.

The Scientific Equipment and Services Schedule includes test and measurement equipment; unmanned scientific vehicles; laboratory instruments, furnishings, and laboratory information management systems; geophysical and environmental analysis equipment; and mechanical, chemical, electrical, and geophysical testing services.

The Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, and Chemicals and Services Schedule encompasses food service equipment and supplies, toiletries and personal care items, janitorial and cleaning equipment, detergents and chemicals, and recycling containers and waste receptacles.

Center for Facilities Maintenance and Hardware: This office has expertise in the areas of tools and appliances, and facilities maintenance and management.

The Hardware Superstore Schedule includes such products as office and household appliances; commercial coatings/paints, adhesives, sealant's, brushes, and rollers; tools; woodworking and metalworking machinery and equipment; and lawn and garden equipment.

The Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule includes such services as landscaping, lawn maintenance, and gardening; facilities maintenance and management; elevator and escalator inspection/maintenance; fire alarm and fire suppression systems maintenance; industrial, aerospace, and marine painting; and pest control. The Schedule also includes energy management, water conservation, and support services.

National Administrative Services and Office Supplies Acquisition Center: This office has expertise in the areas of human resources and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) services, commercial office products and services, photographic equipment and related services, publication media, and shipping supplies.

The Human Resources and EEO Services Schedule covers the full range of professional human resources and EEO services.

Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (formerly National Furniture Center): This office is the leading supplier of furniture and furnishings to federal activities worldwide, and can provide a solution that fits any environment and budget, including purchase, lease, or rental.

The Furniture Schedule includes a variety of furniture and related services. The Schedule consolidates those products and services previously solicited under five separate Schedules: 71 I — Office Furniture, 71 II — Household and Quarters Furniture, 71 II H — Packaged Furniture, 71 III — Special Use Furniture, and 71 III E — Miscellaneous Furniture.

GSA Automotive: This office provides customer agencies with quality non-tactical vehicles and related services, while offering low vehicle prices. By consolidating agencies' requirements, customers realize substantial savings from all major vehicle manufacturers.

Office of Travel and Transportation Services: This office has expertise in two primary areas, which include travel services and transportation services.

The Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions (TDRS) Schedule includes domestic delivery services, providing a wide variety of options for agencies to meet their domestic shipping needs. The Schedule also covers governmentwide employee relocation services, providing services for employees and their families being transferred to new duty stations.

Additional services include ground transportation services, providing time-definite pickup and delivery of government personnel; local courier delivery services, providing same-day delivery of letters, small packages, and heavyweight shipments within a metropolitan city area; and office relocation services, providing the removal of existing office furniture, equipment, and related supplies from the existing location, transporting the items to a new location, and placing them according to the direction of the federal agency.


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