GSA Ombudsman

The GSA Ombudsman is Millisa L. Gary, an acquisition professional with 30 years of experience in both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. She currently fulfills two important roles at GSA - the Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman and the Procurement Ombudsman. If there is an issue that you would like to discuss with the Ombudsman, please contact the office at or (202) 501-0699.

GSA Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman

GSA has appointed a Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman, as directed by FAR 16.505(b)(8) and as described further in GSAM 516.505. The role of the GSA Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman is to review complaints from contractors and ensure they are afforded a fair opportunity to be considered, consistent with the procedures in the underlying contract. The Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman is a senior GSA official who is independent of the contracting officer.

GSA Procurement Ombudsman

Under the Administrator's general authority and responsibility to oversee the agency's procurement and acquisition activities, a Procurement Ombudsman has been created within the agency. The role of the GSA Procurement Ombudsman is to receive inquiries and resolve concerns of the vendor community about GSA’s procurement processes and programs. The Procurement Ombudsman also conducts outreach with vendors and industry associations to understand trends in the marketplace, to identify barriers to doing business with GSA, and to promote meaningful communications between government and industry.


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