Post Award Reference Documents (Schedule 84)

The Southwest Supply and Acquisition Center (SSAC) has created post award reference documents to assist you with your GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract. Specific guidance related to each schedule is included in each document.

Schedule 84

Name Format File Size Published Date
Addition of Overseas Delivery DOCX 23.48KB 7/31/2015
FSC Group 63 - Technical Requirements DOCX 142.01KB 7/27/2015
General Modification Instructions DOCX 21.13KB 7/27/2015
GSA Form 527 - SIN 246-54 Only PDF 866.29KB 7/31/2015
Leasing Terms DOCX 41.56KB 7/31/2015
Letter of Supply DOCX 17.95KB 9/14/2015
Modification Package DOCX 51.93KB 7/27/2015
Novation and Change of Name DOCX 22.76KB 7/31/2015
Price Analysis Worksheets XLSX 79.70KB 7/27/2015
Price Proposal Spreadsheet XLSX 28.23KB 7/27/2015
Rental Terms DOCX 17.39KB 7/31/2015
Services Subject to SCA DOCX 33.89KB 7/31/2015
SIN 246-54 Evaluation DOCX 190.28KB 7/27/2015
Subcontracting Plan Model DOCX 59.47KB 7/27/2015
Total Solutions for Law Enforcement Overview DOCX 32.50KB 7/27/2015
Wildland Fire Spreadsheet XLSX 9.32KB 7/27/2015

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Last Reviewed 2015-10-14