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GSA Email and Collaboration Contract Information

The following provide documentation of the GSA Email and Collaboration (EC) Request for Proposals issued under the Alliant GWAC (RFP #OCIO-14558)

A.  Original RFP (Cover Letter, Instructions, Statement of Objectives and 9 attachments) issued June 10, 2010, Chronology of events with related documents:

1.  Cover Letter

2.  GSA EC Services Instructions to Offerors - June 9, 2010

3.  GSA EC Services Statement of Objectives - June 8, 2010

4.  GSA EC Services Attachment 1, Features and Functions Matrix - June 8, 2010

5.  GSA EC Services Attachment 2, GSA CIO IT Security Procedural Guide

6.  GSA EC Services Attachment 3, PWS Template - June 8, 2010

7.  GSA EC Services Attachment 4, GSA Approved Standard Software

8.  GSA EC Services Attachment 5, Past Performance Form - June 8, 2010

9.  GSA EC Services Attachment 6, Price Spreadsheet Template - June 8, 2010

10. GSA EC Services Attachment 7, Buy Accessible Government Template (.mht file)

11. GSA EC Services Attachment 8, Buy Accessible Acceptance Guide (.htm file)

12.  GSA EC Services Attachment 9, Detailed Proposal and Evaluation Factors - June 10, 2010

B.  Q&A’s posted- June 25, 2010

As a result, modified RFP Closing date to July 19, 2010 and modified Attachment #9.

E-mail Q&As - June 25, 2010

C. Issued Collaboration Clarification- July 2, 2010

Collaboration Clarification - July 2, 2010

D. Issued OCT change to SOO- July 22, 2010

There is a change in the RFP in regards to the Operational Capabilities Test (OCT). Instead of allowing only the highly qualified firms the ability to participate in the OCT, we are allowing all offerors to submit information for the OCT. Revised sections of the RFP attachments are being provided for your reference. In Attachment 9, Detailed Instructions, please refer to Sections A.9.4 and A9.7.1.4. In the attached instructions, please refer to page 3 (Instructions.4), page 5 (General Instructions), and page 6. GSA is requesting that you provide the OCT information required in A.9.4 by Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

1.  GSA EC Services Attach. 9, Detailed Proposal Instructions/Evaluation Factors - July 21, 2010

2.  GSA EC Services Instructions to Offerors - July 21, 2010

E.  Issued CONUS change to SOO- September 10, 2010

SOO Modification-CONUS

F. Award date modification- October 6, 2010

In the instructions to offerors, GSA stated that Offerors shall assume a task order start date of October 6, 2010. This was only an anticipated start date for planning purposes. However, we do anticipate the award date to be by the end of November. If this change affects your proposal and you need to submit a revised proposal, please submit  by October 12, 2010.


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