Enrollment Changes

Note: If you have received notification from Childcare Aware of America (CCAoA) or the Army that your account has been transferred to CCAoA, please submit any enrollment change requests you may have to CCAoA. You may visit the CCAoA website or call CCAoA at 1-800-424-2246

If you have not received notification that your account has been transferred, please see the instructions below for submitting enrollment change requests to GSA. When corresponding with GSA be sure to include your case number.


Additional Forms

Provider Change Packet [PDF - 236.45 KB] - Used by Sponsors currently participating in Army Fee Assistance program to change providers.

Adding Child Package [PDF - 247.42 KB] - Used by Sponsors currently participating in the AFA Program to add one or more children.

Rate or Attendance Change - Used to document current rates, attendance, and enrollment dates. Must be completed and signed by the child care provider.

Certificate for Withdrawing From Program [PDF - 110.73 KB] - Used when a Sponsor wishes to be officially removed from the program or is removing a child from a current provider (with re-enrolling with a new provider).

Request for Benefits to be Placed in an INACTIVE Status [PDF - 280.05 KB] - Allows a Sponsor to remain enrolled in the program for up to 90 days while not actively receiving benefits.

Request to Reactivate Benefit Package [PDF - 235.98 KB] - Allows a Sponsor to reactivate benefits that were made Inactive less than 90 days prior.

Last Reviewed 2016-05-10