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Point of Sale Transactional Data (PoST)

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The PoST pilot initiative is a next step effort to provide better pricing and more information to Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) customers. The Office of General Supplies and Services, in conjunction with the Office of Charge Card Management and the Office of Acquisition Management, has developed and rolled out a pilot across three Multiple Award Schedules. It incorporates point of sale discounts and transactional data requirements into new MAS awards.  

The pilot applies to the following Schedules and SINs:



Schedule 67 Photo Equipment, Supplies, Services

SIN Number SIN Name
19 100 Photographic Services and Solutions
20 316 Cameras and Accessories

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Schedule 51 V Hardware SuperStore

SIN Number SIN Name
105 001 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - Store Front
105 002 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO - Catalog

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Schedule 58 I Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions

SIN Number SIN Name
58 1 Recording and Reproducing Video and Audio Equipment, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
58 2 Monitors and Monitors/Receivers, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
58 3 Television Cameras, Color or Monochrome, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
58 4 Audio Equipment, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
58 6 Telecommunications Equipment, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
58 98 International Sales
58 99 Introduction of New Products, including Spare & Repair Parts, and Accessories
219 3 Televisions
219 4 Televisions for Hospitals, Hotels and Motels
219 9 VCRs, VCP, DVD
219 10 Television/VCR/DVD Combinations
219 11 Audio Components
219 13 Hand-held Camcorders

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The PoST pilot program includes two components that bring value to GSA’s customers by participating schedule vendors:

  • Provide customers with Level-3 transactional data on all orders placed with the GSA SmartPay Card. 
  • Provide GSA SmartPay card holders with a point of sale discount equal to or better than the vendor’s schedule price on all purchases through all ordering channels, including mail order, telephone order, email, vendor commercial websites and retail sales in physical storefronts, unless the customer specifies the use of another contracting vehicle. 

The Level-3 data, along with the point of sale discount, will enable customers to automatically obtain schedule pricing and more data on their purchases.

Currently, there are some vendors who are voluntarily providing point of sale discounts and level-3 data to customers. The PoST pilot will standardize this practice for the vendors who participate in the pilot. Both of the PoST components are in demand by federal customers, and participating vendors may experience increased interest from customers who want either or both of the components of the PoST pilot.

PoST Document Library Format File Size
PoST Vendor Information Sheet PDF 41KB
Level-3 Data Dictionary PDF 60KB

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If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111 or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk at

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