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The Sustainable Facilities Tool  ( is a one-stop online resource that empowers any government or private sector user to identify and prioritize cost-effective green building and procurement strategies to improve environmental performance. SFTool helps users understand and select environmentally preferable solutions for renovations, alterations and leases.  

Key features of the Sustainable Facilities Tool include a 3-D interactive walk through of office interiors and material comparisons that prompts visitors to consider multiple aspects of office performance.  Launched in 2011, the SFTool has expanded beyond its initial small projects focus to include Whole Building Systems, Life Cycle Approaches, an annotated Executive Order 13514 with embedded links to reveal strategies and definitions to put policy into action, and a cafeteria module.  The SFTool also includes the Green Procurement Compilation, which is an interactive tool that consolidates and organizes information from  EPA, DOE, and USDA federal green purchasing programs in one place.

The SFTool website features sustainable metrics, links to essential regulations and guidelines, case studies, and an easy to navigate user interface. For federal users, it provides useful information to meet and exceed sustainability mandates including the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings and other mandates of Executive Order 13514.

Visit the Sustainable Facilities Tool.

Last Reviewed 2016-02-08