Army Fee Assistance Forms Library

Note: When corresponding with program staff be sure to include your case number.


This library contains forms used in support of family application or enrollment changes for the Army Fee Assistance (AFA) program.


Adding Child:  Used by Sponsors currently participating in the AFA Program to add one or more children.

AFA Certification of Availability or Non-Availability: Used to verify if space is available for on-post care.

Annual Recertification:  Please visit Recertification for a complete recertification packet.  

Authorization to Release Information:  Used to provide a school, employer, or medical facility with authorization to release information to the GSA in order to support an application for AFA.

Certification for Seeking Employment or Enrolling in School: Allows Temporary Authorization to receive Army Fee Assistance (AFA) while the spouse/partner seeks employment or enrolls in school.

Certification of Higher Education:  To be used when a spouse/partner is enrolled in school.  When properly completed, this form will ensure that the GSA has all required information in conjunction with the school schedule.

Certification of Self Employment: Must be completed when Sponsor, spouse, or partner is self-employed.

Certificate for Withdrawing From Program:  Used when a Sponsor/Family wishes to be officially removed from the program or is removing a child or children from the current provider.

Certification of Custody: Used when a legal Custody Agreement has not been filed with courts.

Family Enrollment Provider Cost Verification Form: Used to verify rates, attendance, and enrollment dates.  Must be completed and signed by the provider.

Notification of Maternity Leave:  Used to inform the GSA when a Sponsor, spouse, or partner will be out of work due to maternity leave.   

Provider Change Request:  Used by Sponsors currently participating in Army Fee Assistance (AFA) program to change providers.

Request for Benefits to be Placed in an INACTIVE Status:  Allows a Sponsor to remain in the program for up to 90 days while not actively receiving benefits.

Request to Reactivate Benefit Package:  To be used when a Sponsor/Family's benefit has been placed in an Inactive Status and the Sponsor/Family is requesting a Reactivation of benefits.

Separation Verification Form: Used to support eligibility when a legal document has not been issued by the courts.

Sponsor/Family Update Form:   Used to update Address, Phone, Email, Family Status, and/or custody of child.


Last Reviewed 2016-05-10