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IT Schedule 70 Data Center Services Providers

These IT Schedule 70 contract holders have self-certified that they can provide data center services under their existing contract, according to the Request for Information (RFI) 534136, Appendix A.

This information is current as of May 14, 2014. Learn how to order from IT Schedule 70.

Industry partner GSA contract number
1901 Group LLC GS-35F-0617W
Accenture GS-35F-0371N
Arrowpoint Solutions, Inc. GS-35F-0118M
Austin Tele-Service/Genesis GS-35F-0271W
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. GS-35F-0306J
CGI Federal, Inc. GS-35F-4797H
Dynaxys, LLC GS-35F-0553N
G&B Solutions, Inc. GS-35F-0597L
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. GS-35F-4357D
Globalstar GS-35F-0498S
Hewlett-Packard GS-35F-446AA
IBM GS-35F-4984H
Infinite Group, Inc. GS-35F-0185P
Perpetual Technologies, Inc. GS-35F-0204L
Technatomy Corporation GS-35F-0307M
Telligen GS-35F-5831H
Terremark Federal Group, Inc. GS-35F-0073U
Unisys Corporation GS-35F-0343J
Verizon GS-35F-0382T
Zimmerman Associates, Inc. GS-35F-5405H

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