Army Fee Assistance Invoices

Note: When corresponding with program staff be sure to include your case number.

The below information details the Army Fee Assistance invoice processing steps. Please refer to the Payment Instruction on proper completion of an invoice.

Army Fee Assistance Invoice Processing Steps

  1. Child Care Provider or Sponsor submits invoices for payment
    1. Please refer to the payment instructions above on how to properly complete an invoice
  2. Invoices reviewed for completeness and accuracy
    1. Must be completed in full with month of service and attendance
    2. Must be signed by both the child care provider and Sponsor/Spouse
  3. Invoices processed for payment
  4. U.S. Treasury disburses funds to the child care provider
    1. Generally within 3-5 days from approval for EFT payment
    2. Generally within 7-10 days from approval for check payment
  5. Email notification sent to child care provider with payment details
Last Reviewed 2016-05-10