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eRETA RWA Customer Portal

*** Before attempting to access eRETA, customers must obtain a Username and Password by following the eRETA User Account Request Process detailed below!

RWA Billing statements are not posted in eRETA, however they are available online.  Go to and click the "Billing and Payment" section to learn how to obtain copies of RWA and HOTD Billing Statements.



eRETA – What is it?

  • eRETA stands for External RWA Entry and Tracking Application
  • A customer-facing application where real-time RWA information and documentation is available to customers
  • Replaces the "RWA Search" Website
  • Roll-out beginning Spring 2011

eRETA Demonstration

Click here to preview demonstration of eRETA 1.0 screens and functionality
Click here to read text version of Flash Presentation


eRETA User Account Request Process

1. Complete the eRETA User Account Request Form on-line by clicking here.  Use the List of Agency Bureau Codes (ABCs) below to help complete the on-line form.  The "eRETA User Account Request Form" link above opens a Google Form.  Some agency firewall settings block this website.  If you are unable to open the link above, please email us at and request to complete the "eRETA User Account Request Form" via e-mail.

Please Note: Please only select Agency Bureau Codes listed on the attachment below.  The Department of Treasury is migrating from a 4-digit Agency Bureau Code to a 5-digit Agency Bureau Code.  eRETA is one of the first systems adopting the new 5-digit format.  eRETA Users who received access previous to July 2013 have already had their agency bureau codes migrated to the new 5-digit code.  Users who are requesting access are now required to use the correct 5-digit Agency Bureau Code, which can be found in this excel document. 

        eRETA Agency Bureau Codes [XLSX - 215.05 KB]

        GSA IT General Rules of Behavior


2. Complete the "eRETA Application Clearance Verification Form" available below.  This form is required by GSA's Personnel Security Office.  Because this form requests Personally Identifiable Information (PII), please share it with your Agency's Personnel Security office (or Human Resources Office) and GSA's Personnel Security Office only.  Full instructions on how to securely send this information to GSA are provided on the form below.  Steps 1 and 2 of the eRETA User Account Request Process are separated due to the PII captured in Step 2.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we are serious about protecting your PII and want to ensure it is reviewed only by those with proper authorization.

        eRETA Application Clearance Verification Form

3. After your request has been processed and all approvals have been granted**, the GSA National Application Helpdesk will send a verification e-mail to the e-mail address provided in Step 1.  Follow the steps in that verification email to finalize your account.

NOTE: We have received many questions as to why GSA is requiring the second form that captures PII.  Please review the "eRETA Frequently Asked Questions and Help Topics" section below for answers.

eRETA Resources

eRETA Resources and User Guides
Understanding eRETA Financial Information (5/15/2012)

eRETA Frequently Asked Questions and Help Topics

  • Q:  Who do I contact if I am having trouble with my user ID and/or password when logging into the PBS Portal Extranet?
  • Q:  Who do I contact if I submitted the "eRETA Clearance Verification Form (Step 2 of 3)" more than 10 business days ago and have not yet received a Welcome Email from
    • A: Contact these offices in the following order: (1) Follow up with your home agency Personnel Security Office (or HR Office) to verify if your form was successfully submitted to GSA's Personnel Security Office.  (2) Follow up with the GSA Personnel Security at to verify your application status.  (3) Lastly, if necessary email us at to look into your request further - please do NOT send a copy of your form to as it contains PII.
  • Q:  Who do I contact when I attempt to launch eRETA from the PBS Portal Extranet and I receive a blank screen indicating: "Access Is Not Authorized, Please Contact Your System Administrator"?
    • A:  Make sure the following actions have taken place (in this order): (1) Did you follow all the instructions in the eRETA Welcome Email from, most importantly  completing the "eRETA User Account Validation From (Step 3 of 3)" online?  If not complete this online form, or contact us at if you cannot locate your Welcome Email.  (2) Has it been 72 hours since you completed the "eRETA User Account Validation Form (Step 3 of 3)"? If not, please wait at least 72 hours before contacting us at  (3) Contact us at if the previous two conditions have been met.
  • Q:  Who do I contact if I need to change the Agency Bureau Codes (ABCs) I have access to in eRETA (I am still employed at the same agency that I originally requested access for)? 
    • A:  Email us the changes to the ABC(s) you need access to at
  • Q:  Who do I contact if I need to change the Agency Bureau Codes (ABCs) I have access to in eRETA (I have taken a job with a different agency)? 
    • A:  Email us at to provide your former email address/user log-in name and indicate you've changed agencies.  We are required to remove access under your old account.  Next, follow Steps 1-3 above in the "eRETA User Account Request Process" to request a new user ID with your new email address and access to new ABC(s) under your new agency.
  • Q:  Why is GSA requiring me to provide a Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth (DOB), and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to gain access to eRETA and other GSA external Portal Applications?  
    • A:  “GSA Order CIO P 2181.1” dated 10/20/2008 drives this requirement.  More specifically Chapter 1, Section 2 states:  "HSPD-12 requires all Federal Executive departments and agencies to conduct personnel investigations, adjudicate the results, and issue identity credentials to all Federal employees and contractors who require routine access to their building facilities and information technology (IT) systems."  Since granting access to eRETA falls under the umbrella of granting access to GSA IT Systems, it falls under the HSPD-12 purview.   Since GSA does NOT have access to the background check/clearance of associates in other agencies, the one page “eRETA Application Clearance Verification Form” is effectively  an abbreviated HSPD-12 background clearance to confirm that the requestor has an approved HSPD-12 clearance on file with his/her home agency.  The “GSA Order CIO P 2181.1” outlines the procedures for granting logical access to GSA IT Systems in Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 of the CIO policy is provided below for your reference.
      GSA Order CIO P 2181.1 - Chapter 6
  • Q:  If I am still uncomfortable with giving PII, is there someone I can speak with about Step 2 of this process? 
    • A:  Yes.  We strongly encourage you and/or your Personnel Security Office (or HR Office) contact the GSA Personnel Security at to ask any questions about the process.   Please be reminded that the “eRETA Application Clearance Verification Form” is only handled by you, your Personnel Security/HR office, and the GSA Personnel Security Office – all groups that are cleared to handle government employee and contractor PII.  This information is not shared with the eRETA business line owners nor any other GSA associates outside of GSA Personnel Security.  The email address and the fax number provided on the “eRETA Application Clearance Verification Form” are secure connections to transmit this information..
  • Q:  What should I do if I work for a Non-Executive Branch agency that does not operate under the HSPD-12 standards or if my home agency does not require a clearance for system access? 
    • A:  We are in the process of reviewing how to handle users that fall into these categories.  At the moment “GSA Order CIO P 2181.1” dated 10/20/2008 only recognizes those with HSPD-12 clearances.
  • Q:  I have access to the RWA Search website and/or one of the other PBS Extranet Portal applications (e.g. Del-eGate, eLease, etc).  Why was I not required to provide PII to obtain access to those applications? 
    • A:  “GSA Order CIO P 2181.1” applies to ALL GSA IT applications where user access must be requested and granted.  As such, all existing applications that may have once had fewer requirements to gain access are being revamped to comply with “GSA Order CIO P 2181.1.”  New users requesting access to eLease, Del-eGate, or any other GSA system or application today,are asked to follow the same procedures outlined above


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