Environmental Solutions

GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is improving its professional services schedule offerings. As a first step in this initiative FAS has consolidated its professional services Multiple Award Schedule offerings into one Professional Services Schedule. The previous Schedule 899 focused on Environmental Services is now part of this new single Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

Environmental solutions offer customers a wide variety of services from industry experts including:

  • Strengthening federal environmental management goals in Electronics Stewardship;
  • Environmental management systems;
  • Pollution prevention, cleanup and restoration;
  • HAZMAT; and,
  • Training awareness and more.

Service Offerings

The various services offered are listed below with their associated Special Item Number (SIN) and links to a list of vetted contractors for each type of service.

  • A full description of Services covered under each SIN can be found at GSA Schedules eLibrary.

  • The NAICS code(s) associated with the RFQ must match a NAICS code listed with the Professional Services Schedule. Only one NAICS (dominant) may be used in the resulting task order.
SIN Number
& Link to Contractors
SIN Name
899 1 541620 Environmental Consulting Services
899 3 541620 Environmental Training Services
899 5 562920, 562112 Materials and Waste, Recycling & Disposal Service Bio-Chemical Testing
899 7 541620, 541370 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services
899 8 562910, 541380 Remediation and Reclamation Services
100 01 541890 Introduction of New Services
100 03 541330 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services

The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/environmentalsolutions.

Last Reviewed 2016-06-03