FEDSIM - Federal Systems Integration and Management Center

Guiding large, complex federal Information Technology (IT) or professional services projects to successful completion is more challenging than ever. Since 1972, FEDSIM has been providing solutions for government agencies’ complex needs. FEDSIM is positioned to assist government clients with large IT initiatives that:

  • Are enterprise-wide;
  • Require leading-edge solutions;
  • Span agencies;
  • Require organizational shift or transformation;
  • Are strategically-important;
  • Are politically-sensitive;
  • Require performance-based solutions; or
  • Have a large impact from success or failure.

FEDSIM’s breadth of experience ranges from managing agencies’ entire IT programs, to delivering global IT solutions in developing countries, to supporting large complex telecom projects. Adding over $1.6 Billion last year alone in client projects to its portfolio, FEDSIM is a major purchaser of IT, Network and Professional Services solutions.

Service support options

FEDSIM offers end-to-end, value-added solutions to large scale initiatives including project, acquisition, and financial management support. Choose FEDSIM’s full life cycle of management and consulting services from concept to completion, or select only a portion of our services.

Adding value

FEDSIM adds value to our clients’ mission-critical needs by:

  • Utilizing the combined knowledge and experience of a cadre of over 100 veteran Project Management professionals with hundreds of successfully completed projects to date;
  • Supporting and managing a client’s project with a team of certified IT Project Management Professionals, Contracting Officers and Financial Managers;
  • Guiding, supporting and helping an agency avoid pitfalls by becoming an integral part of the project team;
  • Leveraging our access to thousands of industry partners through fully competed, specialized multiple award contracts and other governmentwide sources; and
  • Assuring clients that industry partners will deliver a cost-effective, innovative solution combined with excellent performance throughout the entire life of the task.

Getting results

FEDSIM delivers success. In a recent task, FEDSIM tackled an agency’s enterprise-wide IT and telecommunications support services task. It consolidated two previous contracts and covered 19 major areas of IT operations and telecommunications services. This $867 Million performance-based task resulted in:

  • Reduced costs of 30 percent;
  • Improved quality of industry partner performance;
  • Seven-fold efficiency increase; and
  • Reduced by over 50 percent the required level of contract surveillance.

Getting started

FEDSIM works with all federal government departments and branches worldwide. See FEDSIM Points of Contact page to obtain the contact information for a specific agency. 

The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/fedsim.


Last Reviewed 2016-07-08