FAQs - Current Contract Holders (MSC)

All changes to your existing contract should be submitted through eOffer/eMod and must have a Digital Certificate. The cost per digital cert will be approximately $119. Digital certs are valid for two years. Digital certs do not cross over any other agency and are used only to modify your current GSA Schedule contract.

Approximately four to six months prior to your contract expiration, you will be sent instructions on how to exercise your option. Current contract holders must have a minimum $25,000 a year in sales in order to qualify for renewing their GSA contract. You can renew your contract for an additional five year period. If you do not receive these renewal instructions at the appropriate time, please call (800) 488-3111.

Go to eLibrary and search by contract number or company name. Once at the related eLibrary page, the assigned GSA Contracting Officer will be listed in the upper right corner.

A modification must be submitted for all contract changes. See here for Management Services Center (MSC) Modification Instructions

Follow modification instructions specific to each Schedule:

After receiving an approved Request for Modification to change/update contract information, update the SIP Text File. Approved information uploaded through SIP replaces online contract information in both the GSA Advantage!® catalog and eLibrary contract terms and conditions.

Last Reviewed 2016-06-01