FAQs - Potential Schedule Contractors (MSC)

The solicitation is open continuously, only closing when a new refresh comes out. This means you can submit your application at anytime. If there is a change in the solicitation, you must submit your package under the new refresh. Generally, a new refresh comes out semi-annually.

Yes, both the list of references and the Open Ratings report are required in the offer submission. Open Ratings provides GSA with all past performance reports. These reports are valid for one year and you must meet certain criteria in order to be evaluated. The evaluation usually takes four to six weeks to complete, and should be one of your first steps. Open Ratings can assist you in completing the report.

For questions regarding the past performance evaluation, please contact Open Ratings at (727) 329-1184 or reports@openratings.com. You can review the past performance worksheet for the specific solicitation on FedBizOpps.

Go to GSA eLibrary and search on the type of service/product (into the search tool) that you would like to offer. Once you have identified the Schedule, select the SINs. If you provide one of the keywords/services in the SIN, you can apply under that SIN. You do not have to provide all the services under a SIN.

It is recommended that you read the entire solicitation before you begin the process. Sixty percent of all offers are initially rejected because the contractor (offeror) does not fully understand the process, sends an incomplete application, or does not qualify under the Schedule for which they have applied.

A good understanding of the application process is invaluable to your success in government contracting. When replying to the questions, please be precise and frank, and provide adequate detail and background. Once the offer has been submitted and an initial review conducted, the average time for contract award is approximately nine months at our acquisition center. If a federal agency customer would like to consider your company in an upcoming acquisition, GSA will need the agency to contact them and explain the reasons for expediting your offer.

Last Reviewed 2016-06-02