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GSA's Culture of Innovation and Sustainability

How the General Services Administration Works

One of the keys to working with the federal government is a clear understanding of the intricacies of the General Services Administration including the GSA’s mission, goals and organization. This workshop is an overview of GSA’s procurement programs with special emphasis on sustainability as well as green products and services.  Discover the various types of acquisition contracts that GSA offers for use to government entities at the Federal, state and local levels.  Learn more about the importance of “going green”, including how your customers can find green sources.  An overview of the Public Buildings Service and GSA’s Lease and Realty programs is also included.

Learn How To:

  • Follow GSA’s mission and comply with the various procurement initiatives
  • Identify the major acquisition programs available
  • Explain the ways in which GSA promotes and facilitates the use of innovative sustainable technology and green products and services.

Key Topics:

  • GSA’s Mission, Goals, and Organization
  • Contracts and Vehicles
  • GSA Purchasing Initiatives and How the GSA Buys
  • Sustainability and Green Programs
  • Public Buildings Service (PBS)

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