Statements of Work - Human Capital

One of the first steps in your procurement is developing your Statement of Work (SOW). In it you are articulating the needs and requirements of your agency in a concise, focused way. To help you, we turned to industry experts and asked them to provide samples of SOW’s that they felt were among the best. This SOW Library collection will continue to grow as our industry partners provide us with additional examples to share. 

The SOW examples are available for the following categories: 

Human Capital

Statements  of Work - Human Capital Format File Size
Administrative Investigative Services PDF 397 KB
Comprehensive Small Business Training Program PDF 375 KB
Employee Assistance Program PDF 461 KB
Flight Training Services PDF 89 KB
HR Relocation Technicians PDF 90 KB
Online Registration and Conference Planning PDF 125 KB
Prescription Drug Marketing and Education Campaign PDF 260 KB
Strategic Planning and Leadership Development PDF 123 KB
Title III Translation and Transcription Services PDF 96 KB
Training and Technical Assistance Center - Strategic Source PDF 434 KB
Training Development Delivery and Sustainment Services PDF 328 KB

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Last Reviewed 2016-01-19