Statements of Work - Operations Support

One of the first steps in your procurement is developing your Statement of Work (SOW). In it you are articulating the needs and requirements of your agency in a concise, focused way. To help you, we turned to industry experts and asked them to provide samples of SOW’s that they felt were among the best. This SOW Library collection will continue to grow as our industry partners provide us with additional examples to share. 

The SOW examples are available for the following categories: 

Operations Support

Statements of Work - Operations Support Format File Size
Aircraft Modification and Technical Support (PES) Word 55 KB
Army Depot Maintenance Support Word 71 KB
Army Logistics, IT and Engineering Support Word 22 KB
Construction Management as Agent PDF 193 KB
Construction Management Services Text Document 259,019 bytes
Contractor-operated Supply Store PDF 196 KB
Defense Management Data Center Support Word 61 KB
Digital Media Storage PDF 316 KB
Distribution Center Logistics Support Services PDF 2,243 KB
Dockside Services and Shipboard Sanitary Spaces PDF 85 KB
DOD Supply Center Logistics Support Word 33 KB
Energy Audit PDF 173 KB
Energy Conservation Study PDF 68 KB
Environmental Management and Disposal of Waste PDF 164 KB
FABS Inventory Accountability and Sales Word 25 KB
Facilities Conditions Assessment PDF 67 KB
Facilities for Retro-Commissioning Services PDF 110 KB
Facilities Maintenance PDF 369 KB
Facilities Maintenance # 2 PDF 44 KB
Facilities Maintenance and Minor Repair Services PDF 727 KB
Facility Strategic Sustainability Plan PDF 123 KB
Feasibility Study PDF 121 KB
Furniture Bid Requirements PDF 90 KB
Furniture Installation PDF 230 KB
Grounds Maintenance Support Services PDF 82 KIB
Logistics and IT Management Support Word 117 KB
Logistics Program Management Support Word 119 KB
Mobile Workstations PDF 258 KB
MOBIS Program Management Support Word 41 KB
NEPA Compliance Consulting Word 60 KB
NOAA Cost Recovery Word 27 KB
Office Furniture and Equipment PDF 222 KB
Office Furniture and Equipment BPA PDF 349 KB
Operational Logistics Program Management Support Word 119 KB
Operational MOBIS Program Management Support Word 43 KB
Operations and Maintenance Services PDF 2.34 MB
Project and Integrated Logistics Support PDF 123 KB
Reconfiguration and Installation of Systems Furniture PDF 116 KB
Records Management PDF 301 KB
Statement of Objectives 03FAC PDF 56 KB
Sustainment Support PDF 335 KB
Tactical Radio Program Support Word 53 KB
Technical Engineering Support Services PDF 178 KB
Temporary Services for Document Conversion PDF 250 KB
Training and Support Management (VA) Word 108 KB
Training and Web Support (NIH) Word 36 KB
Translation and Court Room Support (BPA) Word 78 KB
Vegetation Control PDF 92 KB
Warehouse Services PDF 1,036 KB

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Last Reviewed 2015-09-24