'Antiques Roadshow' Episode Features GSA's New Deal Era Art

photo: Inspector General Brian Miller and Administrator Martha N. Johnson view artwork

GSA's Inspector General Brian Miller and Administrator Martha N. Johnson view recovered WPA artwork, housed in a conference room outside Miller's office in Washington.

By Marie-Alice Denis
General Services Administration

WASHINGTON, May 19, 2011– “Antiques Roadshow” will air a segment on GSA’s New Deal art that spotlights an interview with Inspector General Brian Miller on May 30 on Public Broadcasting Stations nationwide (check local listings for times).

Television host Mark Walberg sat down with Miller several months ago to discuss art from the New Deal era that includes paintings, sculptures, murals, and prints, and how the agency is working to locate and recover missing pieces belonging to the federal collection.

The show will also reveal the value of two New Deal era paintings, including one created under the Works Progress Administration that were examined by an appraiser.

This is the first time in “Antiques Roadshow” history where the nation’s capital earned a spotlight; additionally GSA’s WPA landed a commemorative spot in the 2011 season. WPA artwork was commissioned under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt with the objective of employing Americans while enabling them to document the nation’s rich history through art.

The program's anniversary segments begin May 23 with a tour of the historic State Department’s Diplomatic Reception Room.

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Last Reviewed 2011-10-20