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Sound strategy is a necessity for agencies to create efficient, innovative, expectation meeting, transparent, citizen-facing mobile products. The agencies we talked to encountered these scenarios and concerns when they developed (or didn’t develop) mobile strategies.

  • Apps with the business need of “we want to have one, too” do not always align with agency mission and/or the needs of the public. The antithesis of strategy also includes agencies creating a number of one-off mobile projects or offices trying to go-it-alone to produce mobile apps, whether or not they make sense for either the program or the public.
  • Once a mobile product is developed, mobile efforts need to be expanded. Sometimes this is due to the continually innovating industry (devices, operating systems, updates or just plain maintenance) and at other times it’s due to lack of a well thought out strategy.
  • An important aspect of strategy is measuring mobile project effectiveness, outcomes and value. A focus on the number of application downloads does not address these clearly, so some agencies are left struggling to find valid value measures for mobile projects.
  • When building a strategy, some agencies look at the not so common users along with the common users. Looking at audience specifics--like region, education, language, age, etc.--and how they use mobile is important. One agency developed a Spanish app because they saw a major spike in mobile visits.

Your Turn

Have you experienced any of these or other scenarios when thinking about your agency’s mobile strategy?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14