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Mobile projects are subject to available budget. Efforts can be delayed, cut-back or stopped without proper funding. The agencies we spoke to encountered these scenarios and concerns regarding budget.

  1. Agencies are challenged to expand and improve their mobile products to communicate during emergencies, monitor events and update with real-time, relevant information while still maintaining call center and website operations.
  2. Many agencies have to make hard decisions about the best use of limited IT research and development dollars with mobile expansion and innovation competing with other important efforts.
  3. Once an agency secures funding for a mobile project, there is an ongoing need for resources to maintain and enhance it. Ongoing funding is needed for storage and access to data used in the mobile app as well as to staff a product team or manager.
  4. Some mobile projects can have significant start-up and increased volume costs. For instance, some agencies are unable to create simple cell phone text messaging (SMS) programs to reach highly-mobile low-income audiences because of high per-message costs.

Your Turn

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar or do you know of different ones? How are budget issues affecting your agency’s mobile efforts?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14