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Mobile projects – like everything we do – need to comply with federal laws and regulations. The agencies we spoke to encountered these scenarios and concerns when faced with compliance and legal policies.

  • For many agencies, not knowing or having access to all the compliance knowledge and requirements is the key issue.
  • One agency was unable to sign one app developer's agreement for two years, despite the fact that other agencies have successfully developed and deployed those apps that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.
  • Some agencies are being advised that if they develop for one platform, they need to develop for all platforms in order to avoid appearance of endorsement. (See also Platform.)
  • Some agencies have had legal and compliance teams discourage them from developing mobile services because there are no precedents.
  • Since these technologies are new, agencies are still developing proper accessibility standards and protocols for mobile projects because there is very little mobile accessibility expertise.
  • Some agencies are applying directives and laws like the President's memo on transparency and open government, the executive order on customer service, and even recent legislation on plain language to support their mobile programs.

Your Turn

Do any of these compliance and legal scenarios sound familiar or do you know of different ones? What have been the biggest barriers for you – real or perceived?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14