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Mobile projects – like everything we do – need to comply with an agency’s security requirements. The agencies we spoke to encountered a number of scenarios and concerns regarding mobile security.

  1. Government IT security teams need more expertise about the risks associated with mobile products as a way to better manage these risks. Because of security concerns, one agency was not allowed to put a link to its agency-built app on the agency’s own website.
  2. Agencies need to develop security standards for all device platforms. One agency said that only one mobile platform was allowed because IT services said other platforms did not meet federal security standards.
  3. New security protocols need to be considered for mobile projects that collect new data sets. An agency developing a native app allowing the public to submit photographs and geo-location data incorporated safeguards to protect agency data systems.

Your Turn

Have you experienced any of these or other scenarios with mobile security in your agency? How are security challenges affecting your agency’s mobile efforts?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14