Discuss: Mobile Data & Infrastructure Standards

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Data and infrastructure standards can help agencies improve the quality and development speed of mobile products. The agencies we spoke to encountered a number of scenarios and concerns regarding data and infrastructure standards.

  1. Agencies want consistent data standards. Only a few agencies have built infrastructure to ensure consistent, efficient data design and have made data available for 3rd party use for all they will develop.
  2. Agencies said there are many examples of apps that “could” be if the ownership and availability issues were resolved.
  3. Some agencies are concerned about a lack of standard branding of agency apps.
  4. Some agencies have simplified data consumption for developers by submitting data to sites like Data.gov (link to data.gov) and have found it brings down the barriers because it creates a single open Application Programming Interface (API) for developers.
  5. One agency worked to lower the barrier to entry for developers by focusing on simplifying and documenting its REST API and SDKs.
  6. Some agency data stewards have expressed frustrations that they do not have the resources to manage their data and they have conflicting priorities for proper publication of data.

Your Turn

Have you experienced any of these or other scenarios with data and infrastructure standards in your agency? How are data and infrastructure standards affecting your agency’s mobile efforts?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14