Schedules Contractor Success - Marketing Matters

A series of informational videos, designed to help GSA Schedules vendors is available for viewing on the GSA Interact website: GSA Schedules Training for Vendor Success.

The videos cover four key areas:

  • What you should know about federal contracting;
  • GSA's role in the Schedule program;
  • A contractor's role in the Schedule program; and
  • Marketing to the federal government.

This comprehensive training series reviews the basics of federal contracting and highlights the value of the GSA Schedules program. Current GSA vendors will learn the differences between the myth and the reality of being a GSA contract holder, how the government procurement process works, and the many ways the GSA Schedules program benefits both agencies and vendors.

The videos will provide an understanding and appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of both GSA and your organization, as part of the Schedules program. They also review many of the online tools and resources available to assist vendors with market research and lead generation.

"We hope the videos will give vendors some new ideas on how they can promote their contractor status to potential customers," Geri Haworth, Business Management Director with GSA's Management Services Center said. "We want them to make themselves more visible to agencies as companies who can meet their needs. At the end of the video series, vendors will have a better understanding of how to get noticed by buyers, stay relevant, and improve their marketing and business development efforts."


Last Reviewed 2015-12-29