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Government agencies have hurdles to leveraging their experiences, policies, technologies, code, and lessons learned to assist each other for making mobile gov. The agencies we spoke to encountered a number of scenarios and concerns regarding intergovernmental sharing.

  1. Some agencies said due to communications challenges they are unaware of mobile projects in their own agencies, let alone across the entire federal government.
  2. Many agencies expressed the desire to work with other agencies to share experiences, build common infrastructure, create reusable data modules and to potentially share funding to create shared government mobile resources. The creation of “uber-apps” would demand it.
  3. Some agencies stated that sharing with state, local and tribal governments was needed for some apps due to overlapping missions.
  4. Clear synergies across agencies were identified at early meetings of mobile practitioners simply by having the innovators in a common space.

Your Turn

Have you experienced any of these or other scenarios with sharing across agencies? Have you had trouble leveraging policies or tools that other agencies have adopted? How are intergovernmental sharing challenges affecting your agency’s mobile efforts?

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Last Reviewed 2015-01-14