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Old Post Office Ground Lease

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Segment One

Part One of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [3.27MB]
Part Two of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [13.55MB]
Part Three of Segment_001_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [8.84MB]

Segment Two

Part One of Segment_002_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [12.70MB]
Part Two of Segment_002_of_OPO_Ground_Lease_(2013)_RA [9.75MB]


First Amendment to Ground Lease [646 KB]
Second Amendment Ground Lease  [110.22 KB]
Third Amendment Ground Lease  [311.34 KB]
Fourth Amendment Ground Lease  [97.13 KB]

Other Documents

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