Historic Preservation Technical Documents

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These technical documents contain information for maintaining, repairing and rehabilitating the traditional building materials and features associated with historic buildings, landscapes and structures.

Discussion or inclusion of a product or method in these documents does not guarantee that the product or method is suitable for all projects or locations. Specifications should be edited as necessary to address the conditions and requirements of a particular project. Pre-testing or work sample provisions are recommended for inclusion in specifications where results may be affected by building-specific conditions or local climate.

General Requirements

General GSA Maintenance Guidelines
Procedure Code: 0180003P

Recognizing Excessive Condensation in Buildings
Procedure Code: 0180005P


Making Javelle Water
Procedure Code: 0371002P

Standard Testing Sequence for Removing Unknown Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371003P

Types of Cracks in Concrete and Typical Causes
Procedure Code: 0373202P


Sealing Or Painting Previously Sand-Blasted Brick Masonry
Procedure Code: 0421101P

Removing Dirt From Terra Cotta Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0421404P

Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry By Pressure Washing
Procedure Code: 0440001P

Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry By Steam Cleaning
Procedure Code: 0440002P

Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry Using The Water-Soak Method
Procedure Code: 0440003P

General Method Of Cleaning Mankato Stone/Yellow Kasota Marble
Procedure Code: 0445501P

Repolishing Marble
Procedure Code: 0445502P

Overview of Masonry Cleaning Technologies
Procedure Code: 0451008P


Cleaning And Polishing Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501001P

General Method Of Cleaning Nickel Silver
Procedure Code: 0501002P

Cast Iron: Characteristics, Uses and Problems
Procedure Code: 0501004P

Applying Hot Wax To Outdoor Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501004P

Applying Paste Wax Over "Incralac" Coated Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501005P

Applying Cold Microcrystalline Wax To Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501006P

Applying Benzotriazole (Bta) To Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501007P

Applying A Clear Protective Coating To Yellow And White Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501008P

General Maintenance Of Yellow Bronze And White Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501009P

Cleaning And Polishing Solid Brass
Procedure Code: 0501010P

Wrought Iron: Characteristics, Uses and Problems
Procedure Code: 0501011P

Maintenance Of Aluminum Window Frames
Procedure Code: 0501011P

Lead: Characteristics, Uses and Problems
Procedure Code: 0501014P

Nickel Silver: Characteristics, Uses and Problems
Procedure Code: 0501017P

Water Washing Of Metal With/Without Detergents
Procedure Code: 0572501P

Cleaning Exterior Aluminum Features
Procedure Code: 0574001P

Cleaning Exterior Copper Components
Procedure Code: 0575001P

Wood And Plastics

General Cleaning Of Painted Or Waxed Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0620001P

Applying A Water-Repellent Preservative To Wood
Procedure Code: 0631001P

Dusting And Mopping Of Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0640001P

Biennial Cleaning And Stain Removal Of Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0640002P

Thermal And Moisture Protection

Sealing Masonry Joints To Make Them Airtight And Watertight
Procedure Code: 0790001P

Doors And Windows

Treatment For Condensation On Historic Glass And Storm Sash
Procedure Code: 0880001P

Cleaning Historic Glass
Procedure Code: 0880002P


Routine Preventive Maintenance Guidelines For Terrazzo
Procedure Code: 0940001P

Routine And Periodic Cleaning Of A Resilient Tile Floor
Procedure Code: 0966001P

Cleaning A Cork Tile Floor
Procedure Code: 0966002P

Routine Cleaning Of Painted Or Whitewashed Doors
Procedure Code: 0990002P

Test Division

Procedure Code: 123P