General Requirements
Routine And Periodic Cleaning Of Walls And Ceilings
Procedure Code: 0180004P
Brick Unit Masonry
Sealing Or Painting Previously Sand-Blasted Brick Masonry
Procedure Code: 0421101P
Terra Cotta Unit Masonry
Removing Dirt From Terra Cotta Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0421404P
Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry By Pressure Washing
Procedure Code: 0440001P
Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry By Steam Cleaning
Procedure Code: 0440002P
Removing Dirt From Stone Masonry Using The Water-Soak Method
Procedure Code: 0440003P
General Method Of Cleaning Mankato Stone/Yellow Kasota Marble
Procedure Code: 0445501P
Repolishing Marble
Procedure Code: 0445502P
Masonry Cleaning
Overview of Masonry Cleaning Technologies
Procedure Code: 0451008P
Metal Materials
Cleaning And Polishing Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501001P
General Method Of Cleaning Nickel Silver
Procedure Code: 0501002P
Cleaning And Polishing Brass-Plate
Procedure Code: 0501003P
Applying Hot Wax To Outdoor Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501004P
Applying Paste Wax Over "Incralac" Coated Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501005P
Applying Cold Microcrystalline Wax To Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501006P
Applying Benzotriazole (Bta) To Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501007P
Applying A Clear Protective Coating To Yellow And White Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501008P
General Maintenance Of Yellow Bronze And White Bronze
Procedure Code: 0501009P
Cleaning And Polishing Solid Brass
Procedure Code: 0501010P
Maintenance Of Aluminum Window Frames
Procedure Code: 0501011P
Applying A Protective Coating To Brass-Plate And Solid Brass
Procedure Code: 0501012P
Ornamental Metal Castings
Water Washing Of Metal With/Without Detergents
Procedure Code: 0572501P
Ornamental Aluminum
Cleaning Exterior Aluminum Features
Procedure Code: 0574001P
Ornamental Copper
Cleaning Exterior Copper Components
Procedure Code: 0575001P
Wood And Plastics
Finish Carpentry
General Cleaning Of Painted Or Waxed Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0620001P
Preservative Treatment
Applying A Water-Repellent Preservative To Wood
Procedure Code: 0631001P
Architectural Woodwork
Dusting And Mopping Of Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0640001P
Biennial Cleaning And Stain Removal Of Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0640002P
Thermal And Moisture Protection
Joint Sealers
Sealing Masonry Joints To Make Them Airtight And Watertight
Procedure Code: 0790001P
Doors And Windows
Glass & Glazing
Treatment For Condensation On Historic Glass And Storm Sash
Procedure Code: 0880001P
Cleaning Historic Glass
Procedure Code: 0880002P
Routine Preventive Maintenance Guidelines For Terrazzo
Procedure Code: 0940001P
Resilient Tile Flooring
Routine And Periodic Cleaning Of A Resilient Tile Floor
Procedure Code: 0966001P
Cleaning A Cork Tile Floor
Procedure Code: 0966002P
Routine Cleaning Of Painted Or Whitewashed Doors
Procedure Code: 0990002P
Test Division
Test section
Procedure Code: 123P