Historic Preservation Technical Documents


These specifications describe materials and workmanship for the construction, maintenance, and repair of historic properties. Most are formatted in standard specification outline format for ease of use in preparing contract documents and project manuals, although these documents should be edited as necessary to address the conditions and requirements of a particular project.

General Requirements

How to Use GSA Historic Preservation Technical Procedures
Procedure Code: 0104500S

General Guidelines For Cutting And Patching
Procedure Code: 0104501S

General Requirements For Safety And Health
Procedure Code: 0106001S

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards for Historic Buildings (UFAS Section 4.1.7)
Procedure Code: 0106002S

Handicapped Accessibility Planning Guidance
Procedure Code: 0106005S

State Historic Preservation Office And Ada Technical Asistance Resource List
Procedure Code: 0109101S

Historic Preservation Organizations And Agencies Resource List
Procedure Code: 0109103S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: General
Procedure Code: 0109105S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Masonry
Procedure Code: 0109106S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Wood
Procedure Code: 0109107S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Architectural Metals
Procedure Code: 0109108S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Roofs
Procedure Code: 0109109S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Windows
Procedure Code: 0109110S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Entrances And Porches
Procedure Code: 0109111S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Structural Systems
Procedure Code: 0109112S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Interior Spaces, Features And Finishes
Procedure Code: 0109113S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Mechanical Systems
Procedure Code: 0109114S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Building Site
Procedure Code: 0109115S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: District/Neighborhood
Procedure Code: 0109116S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Health & Safety Code Requirements
Procedure Code: 0109117S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Energy Retrofitting
Procedure Code: 0109118S

Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: New Additions To Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0109119S

GSA Alteration Guidelines For Interiors
Procedure Code: 0109120S

Fire Safety Retrofitting Guidelines For Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0109121S

Guidelines For Salvaging Historic Building Materials In The Event Of A Disaster
Procedure Code: 0109122S

Fire Prevention Precautions For Hot Work
Procedure Code: 0110001S

Preservation Briefs: 17 Architectural Character: Identifying The Visual Aspects Of Historic Buildings As An Aid To Preserving Their Character
Procedure Code: 0110002S

Preservation Briefs: 18 Rehabilitating Interiors In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110003S

Preservation Briefs: 3 Conserving Energy In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110004S

Preservation Briefs: 14 New Exterior Additions To Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns
Procedure Code: 0110005S

Selected Reading On Special Project Procedures
Procedure Code: 0110006S

General Project Guidelines
Procedure Code: 0110007S

Accessibility Checklist For Historic Properties
Procedure Code: 0110009S

The Americans With Disabilities Act: Checklist For Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
Procedure Code: 0110010S

Preservation Briefs: 32 Making Historic Properties Accessible
Procedure Code: 0110011S

Architect's Checklist For Rehabilitating Historic Structures
Procedure Code: 0110012S

Preservation Briefs: 31 Mothballing Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110013S

Preservation Briefs: 35 Understanding Old Buildings: The Process Of Architectural Investigation
Procedure Code: 0110015S

Preservation Briefs: 39 Holding the Line: Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110016S

Preservation Briefs: 40 Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors
Procedure Code: 0110017S

Preservation Briefs: 41 The Seismic Retrofit of Historic Buildings: Keeping Preservation in the Forefront
Procedure Code: 0110018S

Preservation Briefs: 42 The Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Historic Cast Stone
Procedure Code: 0110019S

Preservation Briefs: 43 The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports
Procedure Code: 0110020S

Preservation Briefs: 44 The Use of Awnings on Historic Buildings: Repair, Replacement and New Design
Procedure Code: 0110021S

Preservation Briefs: 45 Preserving Historic Wooden Porches
Procedure Code: 0110022S

Preservation Briefs: 46 The Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas Stations
Procedure Code: 0110023S

Preservation Briefs: 47 Maintaining the Exterior of Small and Medium Size Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110024S

Preservation Briefs: 5 The Preservation of Historic Adobe Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110025S

Preservation Briefs: 8 Aluminum and Vinyl Siding on Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110026S

Preservation Briefs: 11 Rehabilitating Historic Storefronts
Procedure Code: 0110027S

Preservation Briefs: 19 The Repair and Replacement of Historic Wooden Shingle Roofs
Procedure Code: 0110028S

Preservation Briefs: 20 The Preservation of Historic Barns
Procedure Code: 0110029S

Preservation Briefs:26 The Preservation and Repair of Historic Log Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110030S

Preserving Historic Corridor Doors and Glazing in High-Rise Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110041S

Conserving Outdoor Bronze Sculpture
Procedure Code: 0110047S

Preservation Briefs: 16 The Use Of Substitute Materials On Historic Building Exteriors
Procedure Code: 0163002S

Checklist For The Routine Inspection Of Buildings
Procedure Code: 0180001S

Standard Job Times For Miscellaneous Maintenance Tasks
Procedure Code: 0180002S

Routine and Periodic Cleaning of Walls and Ceilings
Procedure Code: 0180004S


General Guidelines for the Demolition Of Selected Masonry Materials
Procedure Code: 0207001S

Removing and Disposing of PCB-Containing Light Ballasts
Procedure Code: 0208002S

Selected Reading On Site Preparation
Procedure Code: 0210001S

Installing Grouted Exterior Brick Pavers
Procedure Code: 0252001S

General Planting Procedures for Landscape Work
Procedure Code: 0290001S

Preservation Briefs: 36 Protecting Cultural Landscapes: Planning, Treatment And Management Of Historic Landscapes
Procedure Code: 0290002S


Making a Solution for Removing Beverage, Soot, Tar and Other Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371001S

Removing Grease Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371001S

Treating Dusting of Concrete Floors
Procedure Code: 0371002S

Removing Old Resilient Floor Adhesives from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371003S

Removing Asphalt Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371005S

Removing Beverage Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371006S

Removing Coal Tar Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371012S

Removing Efflorescence from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371016S

Removing Wood Stains from Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371042S

Preservation Briefs: 15 Preservation Of Historic Concrete: Problems And General Approaches
Procedure Code: 0373201S


Preparing Lime Mortar For Repointing Masonry
Procedure Code: 0410003S

Preservation Briefs: 38 Removing Graffiti From Historic Masonry
Procedure Code: 0420001S

Monitoring And Evaluating Cracks In Masonry
Procedure Code: 0420002S

Preservation Briefs: 2 Repointing Mortar Joints In Historic Brick Buildings
Procedure Code: 0421107S

Historic (Early) Brick: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0421108S

Guidelines For Evaluating The Condition Of Brck Masonry & Mortar
Procedure Code: 0421109S

Removing Lime Mortar Deposits from Brick Masonry
Procedure Code: 0421113S

Preservation Briefs: 7 The Preservation Of Historic Glazed Architectural Terra Cotta
Procedure Code: 0421402S

Terra Cotta: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0421403S

Micro-Cotta As Alternative Replacement For Terra Cotta
Procedure Code: 0421404S

Concrete Block: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0422001S

Checklist For Inspecting Stone Masonry Failures
Procedure Code: 0440001S

Marble: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0445501S

Removing Oil and Fat Stains from Marble
Procedure Code: 0445511S

Removing Ink and Dye Stains from Marble
Procedure Code: 0445518S

Removing Yellow Discoloration from Marble
Procedure Code: 0445528S

Limestone: Characteristics, Uses And Problem
Procedure Code: 0446001S

General Cleaning of Exterior Limestone
Procedure Code: 0446003S

Granite: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0446501S

Sandstone: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0447001S

Removing Dirt Build-Up from Sandstone
Procedure Code: 0447003S

Selected Reading On Masonry Restoration And Cleaning
Procedure Code: 0450003S

Guidelines For Using High Pressure Cleaning Equipment On Masonry
Procedure Code: 0451004S

Preservation Briefs: 6 Dangers Of Abrasive Cleaning To Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0451005S

Preservation Briefs: 1 The Cleaning And Waterproof Coating Of Masonry Buildings
Procedure Code: 0451006S

Types Of Cleaning Detergents
Procedure Code: 0451007S

Cast Stone: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0472001S


Checklist For Inspecting Cast Iron Failures
Procedure Code: 0501001S

Checklist For Inspecting Bronze Failures
Procedure Code: 0501002S

Bronze: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501003S

Cleaning and Polishing Brass-Plate
Procedure Code: 0501003S

Removing Paint from Wrought Iron, Cast Iron and Steel Using Abrasive Methods
Procedure Code: 0501005S

Preservation Briefs: 27 The Maintenance And Repair Of Architectural Cast Iron
Procedure Code: 0501006S

Selected Reading On Metal Materials
Procedure Code: 0501007S

Aluminum: Charcteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501008S

Galvanized Iron And Steel: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501009S

Tin: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501010S

Classifications Of Aluminum Cleaners
Procedure Code: 0501012S

Applying a Protective Coating to Brass-Plate and Solid Brass
Procedure Code: 0501012S

Primers And Paints For Wrought Iron, Cast Iron And Steel
Procedure Code: 0501013S

Primers And Paints For Zinc And Galvanized Iron And Steel
Procedure Code: 0501015S

Monel: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501016S

Stainless Steel: Characteristics, Uses and Problems
Procedure Code: 0501018S

Copper: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501501S

Selected Reading On Metal Coatings
Procedure Code: 0503001S

Patination Formulas For Bronze
Procedure Code: 0503002S

Selected Reading On Ornamental Metal
Procedure Code: 0570001S

Initial Assessment Procedures For Inspecting Outdoor Sculptures
Procedure Code: 0572501S

Semi- Annual Procedures For Inspecting Outdoor Sculpture
Procedure Code: 0572502S

Wood And Plastics

Selected Reading On General Wood Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0600101S

Selected Reading On Rough Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0610001S

Selected Reading On Finish Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0620001S

Primers And Paints For Wood
Procedure Code: 0630001S

Wood and Plastics

Applying a Semi-Transparent or Opaque Stain to Wood
Procedure Code: 0630003S

Wood And Plastics

Preparing A Non-Toxic Water-Repellent Preservative
Procedure Code: 0631001S

Selected Reading On Architectural Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0640001S

Supplemental Guidelines For Removing Paint From Interior And Exterior Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0640002S

Thermal And Moisture Protection

Selected Reading On General Waterproofing And Roofing
Procedure Code: 0710002S

Types Of Masonry Water Repellents
Procedure Code: 0718001S

Selected Reading On Insulation
Procedure Code: 0720001S

Selected Reading On Shingles And Roofing Tiles
Procedure Code: 0730001S

Preservation Briefs: 29 The Repair, Replacement And Maintenance Of Historic Slate Roofs
Procedure Code: 0731501S

General Information On Slate Shingles
Procedure Code: 0731502S

Sources For Roofing Slate
Procedure Code: 0731503S

Supplemental Guidelnes For Repairing & Replacing Slate Roofs
Procedure Code: 0731504S

Preservation Briefs: 30 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Clay Tile Roofs
Procedure Code: 0732101S

Sources Of Flat Roof Failures - Inspection Guidance
Procedure Code: 0750001S

Types Of Flat Roofing And Factors Affecting Its Deterioration
Procedure Code: 0750002S

Built-Up Roofing: Problems At Parapets
Procedure Code: 0751001S

Preservation Briefs: 4 Roofing For Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0756001S

Selected Reading On Flashing And Sheetmetal
Procedure Code: 0760001S

General Inspection And Maintenance Of Gutters And Downspouts
Procedure Code: 0763101S

Criteria For Selecting Masonry Joint Sealants
Procedure Code: 0790001S

Sealants: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0790002S

Doors And Windows

Selected Reading On Wood Doors
Procedure Code: 0820001S

Selected Reading On Metal Windows
Procedure Code: 0850001S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 1 Planning Approaches To Window Preservation
Procedure Code: 0850002S

Rehabilitating Windows In Historic Buildings: An Overview
Procedure Code: 0850003S

Preservation Briefs: 13 The Repair And Thermal Upgrading Of Historic Steel Windows
Procedure Code: 0851001S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 2 Installing Insulating Glass In Existing Steel Windows
Procedure Code: 0851002S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 13 Aluminum Replacement Windows With Sealed Insulating Glass And Trapezoidal Muntin Grids
Procedure Code: 0852002S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 12 Aluminum Replacements For Steel Industrial Sash
Procedure Code: 0852005S

Preservation Briefs: 9 The Repair Of Historic Wooden Windows
Procedure Code: 0861001S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 4 Replacement Wooden Frames And Sash: Protecting Woodwork Against Decay
Procedure Code: 0861002S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 6 Replacement Wooden Sash And Frames With Insulating Glass And Integral Muntins
Procedure Code: 0861003S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 8 Thermal Retrofit Of Historic Wooden Sash Using Interior Piggyback Storm Panels
Procedure Code: 0861004S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 11 Installing Insulating Glass In Existing Wooden Sash Incorporating The Historic Glass
Procedure Code: 0861005S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 14 Reinforcing Deteriorated Wooden Windows
Procedure Code: 0861006S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 16 Repairing And Upgrading Multi-Light Wooden Mill Windows
Procedure Code: 0861007S

Selected Reading On Wood Windows
Procedure Code: 0861009S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 10 Temporary Window Vents In Unoccupied Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0866001S

Selected Reading On Storm Windows
Procedure Code: 0867001S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 3 Exterior Storm Windows: Casement Design Wooden Storm Sash
Procedure Code: 0867002S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 5 Interior Metal Storm Windows
Procedure Code: 0867003S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 9 Interior Storm Windows: Magnetic Seal
Procedure Code: 0867004S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 15 Interior Storms For Steel Casement Windows
Procedure Code: 0867005S

Selected Reading On Hardware
Procedure Code: 0870001S

Guidelines For Installing Accessible Building Hardware In Ornamental Wall Finishes
Procedure Code: 0870002S

Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 7 Window Awnings
Procedure Code: 0877001S

Selected Reading On Glazing
Procedure Code: 0880001S

Preservation Briefs: 12 The Preservation Of Historic Pigmented Structural Glass (Vitrolite And Carrara Glass)
Procedure Code: 0881001S

Preservation Briefs: 33 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Stained And Leaded Glass
Procedure Code: 0881002S


Preservation Briefs: 21 Repairing Historic Flat Plaster - Walls And Ceilings
Procedure Code: 0920001S

Preservation Briefs: 22 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Stucco
Procedure Code: 0920002S

Preservation Briefs: 23 Preserving Historic Ornamental Plaster
Procedure Code: 0920003S

Selected Reading On Lath And Plaster
Procedure Code: 0920004S

Architectural Scagliola: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0920005S

Selected Reading On Tile
Procedure Code: 0930001S

General Maintenance Guidelines For Ceramic Tile
Procedure Code: 0931001S

Preservation Briefs: 40 Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors
Procedure Code: 0931002S

Terrazzo: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0940001S

Selected Reading On Special Ceiling Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0954501S

Selected Reading On Wood Flooring
Procedure Code: 0955001S

Methods of Bleaching Stains on Wood Floors
Procedure Code: 0955001S

Repairing Small Holes and Cracks in Wood Floors
Procedure Code: 0956002S

Cork Tile: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0966001S

Linoleum: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0966002S

Preservation Briefs: 28 Painting Historic Interiors
Procedure Code: 0990001S

Selected Reading On Painting (Transparent And Opaque Finishes)
Procedure Code: 0990002S

Evaluating When Lead Paint Mitigation Is Necessary
Procedure Code: 0990003S

Preservation Briefs: 37 Appropriate Methods For Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards In Historic Masonry
Procedure Code: 0990004S

Properties And Uses Of Whitewash Paint
Procedure Code: 0990005S

Properties And Uses Of Calcimine Paint
Procedure Code: 0990006S

General Guidelines For Painting Exterior And Interior Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0990007S

Surface Preparation Guidelines For Brick, Metal, Wood And Plaster
Procedure Code: 0990008S

Guidelines For Identifying Historic Paint Colors
Procedure Code: 0990009S

Protection Measures For Lead-Based Paint Hazard-Reduction Work
Procedure Code: 0990010S

Preservation Briefs: 10 Exterior Paint Problems On Historic Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0991001S

Painting Exterior Stucco
Procedure Code: 0991006S

"Pantasote" Imitation Leather: General Information
Procedure Code: 0995001S

Selected Reading On Wall Coverings
Procedure Code: 0995002S


Selected Reading On Pest Control
Procedure Code: 1029001S

Methods Of Bird Control: Advantages And Disadvantages
Procedure Code: 1029601S

Preservation Briefs: 25 The Preservation Of Historic Signs
Procedure Code: 1043001S


Preservation Briefs: 24 Heating, Ventilating And Cooling Historic Buildings: Problems And Recommended Approaches
Procedure Code: 1501001S

Selected Reading On General Mechanical Requirements
Procedure Code: 1501002S

Guidelines For Locating New Ducts, Grilles, Light Fixtures And Switches In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 1501003S

Design Guidelines For Installing Sprinkler Systems In Historic Buildngs
Procedure Code: 1530001S

Selected Reading On Plumbing
Procedure Code: 1540001S

Selected Reading On Heat Transfer
Procedure Code: 1575001S


Selected Reading On General Electrical Requirements
Procedure Code: 1601001S

Selected Reading On Service And Distribution
Procedure Code: 1640001S

Sources Of Historic Lighting Reproductions
Procedure Code: 1650001S

Guidelines For Installing Fire Alarms In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 1672101S