General Requirements
GSA General Requirements
How to Use GSA Historic Preservation Technical Procedures
Procedure Code: 0104500S
Cutting And Patching
General Guidelines For Cutting And Patching
Procedure Code: 0104501S
Regulatory Requirements
General Requirements For Safety And Health
Procedure Code: 0106001S
Ufas 4.1.7 Accessibility Standards For Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0106002S
Selected Reading On Building Accessibility
Procedure Code: 0106003S
Preservation Laws, Regulations And Executive Orders
Procedure Code: 0106004S
Handicapped Accessibility Planning
Procedure Code: 0106005S
Reference Standards
State Historic Preservation Office And Ada Technical Asistance Resource List
Procedure Code: 0109101S
Historic Preservation Organizations And Agencies Resource List
Procedure Code: 0109103S
The Secretary Of The Interior's Standards For Rehabilitation
Procedure Code: 0109104S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: General
Procedure Code: 0109105S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Masonry
Procedure Code: 0109106S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Wood
Procedure Code: 0109107S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Architectural Metals
Procedure Code: 0109108S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Roofs
Procedure Code: 0109109S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Windows
Procedure Code: 0109110S
Guidelnes For Rehabilitating Hstrc Bldgs: Entrances And Porches
Procedure Code: 0109111S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Structural Systems
Procedure Code: 0109112S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Interior Spaces, Features And Finishes
Procedure Code: 0109113S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Mechanical Systems
Procedure Code: 0109114S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Building Site
Procedure Code: 0109115S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: District/Neighborhood
Procedure Code: 0109116S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Health & Safety Code Requirements
Procedure Code: 0109117S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: Energy Retrofitting
Procedure Code: 0109118S
Guidelines For Rehabilitating Historic Buildings: New Additions To Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0109119S
GSA Alteration Guidelines For Interiors
Procedure Code: 0109120S
Fire Safety Retrofitting Guidelines For Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0109121S
Guidelines For Salvaging Historic Building Materials In The Event Of A Disaster
Procedure Code: 0109122S
Special Project Procedures
Fire Prevention Precautions For Hot Work
Procedure Code: 0110001S
Preservation Briefs: 17 Architectural Character: Identifying The Visual Aspects Of Historic Buildings As An Aid To Preserving Their Character
Procedure Code: 0110002S
Preservation Briefs: 18 Rehabilitating Interiors In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110003S
Preservation Briefs: 3 Conserving Energy In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110004S
Preservation Briefs: 14 New Exterior Additions To Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns
Procedure Code: 0110005S
Selected Reading On Special Project Procedures
Procedure Code: 0110006S
General Project Guidelines
Procedure Code: 0110007S
Accessibility Checklist For Historic Properties
Procedure Code: 0110009S
The Americans With Disabilities Act: Checklist For Readily Achievable Barrier Removal
Procedure Code: 0110010S
Preservation Briefs: 32 Making Historic Properties Accessible
Procedure Code: 0110011S
Architect's Checklist For Rehabilitating Historic Structures
Procedure Code: 0110012S
Preservation Briefs: 31 Mothballing Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110013S
Preservation Briefs: 35 Understanding Old Buildings: The Process Of Architectural Investigation
Procedure Code: 0110015S
Preservation Briefs: 39 Holding the Line: Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110016S
Preservation Briefs: 40 Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors
Procedure Code: 0110017S
Preservation Briefs: 41 The Seismic Retrofit of Historic Buildings: Keeping Preservation in the Forefront
Procedure Code: 0110018S
Preservation Briefs: 42 The Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Historic Cast Stone
Procedure Code: 0110019S
Preservation Briefs: 43 The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports
Procedure Code: 0110020S
Preservation Briefs: 44 The Use of Awnings on Historic Buildings: Repair, Replacement and New Design
Procedure Code: 0110021S
Preservation Briefs: 45 Preserving Historic Wooden Porches
Procedure Code: 0110022S
Preservation Briefs: 46 The Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas Stations
Procedure Code: 0110023S
Preservation Briefs: 47 Maintaining the Exterior of Small and Medium Size Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110024S
Preservation Briefs: 5 The Preservation of Historic Adobe Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110025S
Preservation Briefs: 8 Aluminum and Vinyl Siding on Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110026S
Preservation Briefs: 11 Rehabilitating Historic Storefronts
Procedure Code: 0110027S
Preservation Briefs: 19 The Repair and Replacement of Historic Wooden Shingle Roofs
Procedure Code: 0110028S
Preservation Briefs: 20 The Preservation of Historic Barns
Procedure Code: 0110029S
Preservation Briefs:26 The Preservation and Repair of Historic Log Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110030S
Historic Garage and Carriage Doors: Rehabilitation Solutions
Procedure Code: 0110031S
Exterior Woodwork: Proper Painting and Surface Preparation
Procedure Code: 0110032S
Exterior Woodwork: Paint Removal from Wood Siding
Procedure Code: 0110033S
Exterior Woodwork: Log Crown Repair and Selective Replacement Using Epoxy and Fiberglass Reinforcing Bars
Procedure Code: 0110034S
Exterior Woodwork: Protecting Woodwork Against Decay Using Borate Preservatives
Procedure Code: 0110035S
Finishes: Process-Painting Decals as a Substitute for Hand-Stencilled Ceiling Medallions
Procedure Code: 0110036S
Repair and Reproduction of Prismatic Glass Transoms
Procedure Code: 0110037S
Repair and Rehabilitation of Historic Sidewalk Vault Lights
Procedure Code: 0110037S
Historic Interiors: Preserving Historic Corridors in Open Office Plans
Procedure Code: 0110039S
Historic Interiors: Preserving Historic Offic Building Corridors
Procedure Code: 0110040S
Preserving Historic Corridor Doors and Glazing in High-Rise Buildings
Procedure Code: 0110041S
Substitute Materials: Replacing Deteriorated Serpentine Stone with Pre-Cast Concrete
Procedure Code: 0110042S
Stabilization and Repair of a Historic Terra Cotta Cornice
Procedure Code: 0110043S
Water Soak Cleaning of Limestone
Procedure Code: 0110044S
Non-destructive Evaluation Techniques for Masonry Construction
Procedure Code: 0110045S
Replicating Historic Elevator Enclosures
Procedure Code: 0110046S
Conserving Outdoor Bronze Sculpture
Procedure Code: 0110047S
Restoring Metal Roof Cornices
Procedure Code: 0110048S
In-kind Replacement of Historic Stamped-Metal Exterior Siding
Procedure Code: 0110049S
Special Project Procedures
Rehabilitating a Historic Iron Bridge
Procedure Code: 0110050S
Special Projects Procedures
Rehabilitating a Historic Truss Bridge Using a Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Deck
Procedure Code: 0110050S
Special Project Procedures
Repair and Reproduction of Metal Canopies and Marquees with Glass Pendants
Procedure Code: 0110052S
Museum Collections
Museum Collection Storage in a Historic Building Using a Prefabricated Structure
Procedure Code: 0110053S
Reducing Visible and Ultraviolet Light Damage to Interior Wood Finishes
Procedure Code: 0110054S
General Requirements
Product Options & Substitutions
Preservation Briefs: 16 The Use Of Substitute Materials On Historic Building Exteriors
Procedure Code: 0163002S
Checklist For The Routine Inspection Of Buildings
Procedure Code: 0180001S
Standard Job Times For Miscellaneous Maintenance Tasks
Procedure Code: 0180002S
General Gsa Maintenance Guidelines
Procedure Code: 0180003S
Recognizing Excessive Condensation In Buildings
Procedure Code: 0180005S
Selective Demolition
General Guidelines For The Demolition Of Selected Masonry Materials
Procedure Code: 0207001S
Site Preparation
Selected Reading On Site Preparation
Procedure Code: 0210001S
Landscape Work
Selected Reading On Landscape
Procedure Code: 0290001S
Preservation Briefs: 36 Protecting Cultural Landscapes: Planning, Treatment And Management Of Historic Landscapes
Procedure Code: 0290002S
Concrete Restoration & Cleaning
Selected Reading On Concrete Restoration And Cleaning
Procedure Code: 0370001S
Concrete Cleaning
Solution for removing beverage, soot, tar and other stains from concrete (Job-Prepared Hypochlorite)
Procedure Code: 0371001S
Making Javelle Water
Procedure Code: 0371002S
Standard Testing Sequence For Removing Unknown Stains From Concrete
Procedure Code: 0371003S
Concrete Repair
Preservation Briefs: 15 Preservation Of Historic Concrete: Problems And General Approaches
Procedure Code: 0373201S
Types Of Cracks In Concrete And Typical Causes
Procedure Code: 0373202S
Mortar & Masonry Grout
Preparing Lime Mortar For Repointing Masonry
Procedure Code: 0410003S
Unit Masonry
Preservation Briefs: 38 Removing Graffiti From Historic Masonry
Procedure Code: 0420001S
Monitoring And Evaluating Cracks In Masonry
Procedure Code: 0420002S
Brick Unit Masonry
Preservation Briefs: 2 Repointing Mortar Joints In Historic Brick Buildings
Procedure Code: 0421107S
Historic (Early) Brick: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0421108S
Guidelines For Evaluating The Condition Of Brck Masonry & Mortar
Procedure Code: 0421109S
Terra Cotta Unit Masonry
Preservation Briefs: 7 The Preservation Of Historic Glazed Architectural Terra Cotta
Procedure Code: 0421402S
Terra Cotta: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0421403S
Micro-Cotta As Alternative Replacement For Terra Cotta
Procedure Code: 0421404S
Concrete Unit Masonry
Concrete Block: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0422001S
Checklist For Inspecting Stone Masonry Failures
Procedure Code: 0440001S
Marble: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0445501S
Limestone: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0446001S
Granite: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0446501S
Sandstone: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0447001S
Masonry Restoration & Cleaning
Selected Reading On Masonry Restoration And Cleaning
Procedure Code: 0450003S
Masonry Cleaning
Guidelines For Using High Pressure Cleaning Equipment On Masonry
Procedure Code: 0451004S
Preservation Briefs: 6 Dangers Of Abrasive Cleaning To Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0451005S
Preservation Briefs: 1 The Cleaning And Waterproof Coating Of Masonry Buildings
Procedure Code: 0451006S
Types Of Cleaning Detergents
Procedure Code: 0451007S
Cast Stone
Cast Stone: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0472001S
Metal Materials
Checklist For Inspecting Cast Iron Failures
Procedure Code: 0501001S
Checklist For Inspecting Bronze Failures
Procedure Code: 0501002S
Bronze: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501003S
Cast Iron: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501004S
Preservation Briefs: 27 The Maintenance And Repair Of Architectural Cast Iron
Procedure Code: 0501006S
Selected Reading On Metal Materials
Procedure Code: 0501007S
Aluminum: Charcteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501008S
Galvanized Iron And Steel: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501009S
Tin: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501010S
Wrought Iron: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501011S
Classifications Of Aluminum Cleaners
Procedure Code: 0501012S
Primers And Paints For Wrought Iron, Cast Iron And Steel
Procedure Code: 0501013S
Lead: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501014S
Primers And Paints For Zinc And Galvanized Iron And Steel
Procedure Code: 0501015S
Monel: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501016S
Nickel Silver: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501017S
Stainless Steel: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501018S
Copper: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0501501S
Metal Coatings
Selected Reading On Metal Coatings
Procedure Code: 0503001S
Patination Formulas For Bronze
Procedure Code: 0503002S
Ornamental Metalwork
Selected Reading On Ornamental Metal
Procedure Code: 0570001S
Ornamental Metal Castings
Initial Assessment Procedures For Inspecting Outdoor Sculptures
Procedure Code: 0572501S
Semi- Annual Procedures For Inspecting Outdoor Sculpture
Procedure Code: 0572502S
Wood And Plastics
Carpentry Work
Selected Reading On General Wood Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0600101S
Rough Carpentry
Selected Reading On Rough Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0610001S
Finish Carpentry
Selected Reading On Finish Carpentry
Procedure Code: 0620001S
Wood Treatment
Primers And Paints For Wood
Procedure Code: 0630001S
Preservative Treatment
Preparing A Non-Toxic Water-Repellent Preservative
Procedure Code: 0631001S
Architectural Woodwork
Selected Reading On Architectural Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0640001S
Supplemental Guidelines For Removing Paint From Interior And Exterior Wood Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0640002S
Thermal And Moisture Protection
Selected Reading On General Waterproofing And Roofing
Procedure Code: 0710002S
Water Repellents
Types Of Masonry Water Repellents
Procedure Code: 0718001S
Selected Reading On Insulation
Procedure Code: 0720001S
Shingles & Roofing Tiles
Selected Reading On Shingles And Roofing Tiles
Procedure Code: 0730001S
Slate Shingles
Preservation Briefs: 29 The Repair, Replacement And Maintenance Of Historic Slate Roofs
Procedure Code: 0731501S
General Information On Slate Shingles
Procedure Code: 0731502S
Sources For Roofing Slate
Procedure Code: 0731503S
Supplemental Guidelnes For Repairing & Replacing Slate Roofs
Procedure Code: 0731504S
Clay Tiles
Preservation Briefs: 30 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Clay Tile Roofs
Procedure Code: 0732101S
Membrane Roofing
Sources Of Flat Roof Failures - Inspection Guidance
Procedure Code: 0750001S
Types Of Flat Roofing And Factors Affecting Its Deterioration
Procedure Code: 0750002S
Built-Up Bituminous Roofing
Built-Up Roofing: Problems At Parapets
Procedure Code: 0751001S
Roof Maintenance And Repairs
Preservation Briefs: 4 Roofing For Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0756001S
Flashing And Sheet Metal
Selected Reading On Flashing And Sheetmetal
Procedure Code: 0760001S
Gutters & Downspouts
General Inspection And Maintenance Of Gutters And Downspouts
Procedure Code: 0763101S
Joint Sealers
Criteria For Selecting Masonry Joint Sealants
Procedure Code: 0790001S
Sealants: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0790002S
Doors And Windows
Wood & Plastic Doors
Selected Reading On Wood Doors
Procedure Code: 0820001S
Metal Windows
Selected Reading On Metal Windows
Procedure Code: 0850001S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 1 Planning Approaches To Window Preservation
Procedure Code: 0850002S
Rehabilitating Windows In Historic Buildings: An Overview
Procedure Code: 0850003S
Steel Windows
Preservation Briefs: 13 The Repair And Thermal Upgrading Of Historic Steel Windows
Procedure Code: 0851001S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 2 Installing Insulating Glass In Existing Steel Windows
Procedure Code: 0851002S
Aluminum Windows
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 13 Aluminum Replacement Windows With Sealed Insulating Glass And Trapezoidal Muntin Grids
Procedure Code: 0852002S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 12 Aluminum Replacements For Steel Industrial Sash
Procedure Code: 0852005S
Wood Windows
Preservation Briefs: 9 The Repair Of Historic Wooden Windows
Procedure Code: 0861001S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 4 Replacement Wooden Frames And Sash: Protecting Woodwork Against Decay
Procedure Code: 0861002S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 6 Replacement Wooden Sash And Frames With Insulating Glass And Integral Muntins
Procedure Code: 0861003S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 8 Thermal Retrofit Of Historic Wooden Sash Using Interior Piggyback Storm Panels
Procedure Code: 0861004S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 11 Installing Insulating Glass In Existing Wooden Sash Incorporating The Historic Glass
Procedure Code: 0861005S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 14 Reinforcing Deteriorated Wooden Windows
Procedure Code: 0861006S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 16 Repairing And Upgrading Multi-Light Wooden Mill Windows
Procedure Code: 0861007S
Selected Reading On Wood Windows
Procedure Code: 0861009S
Security Windows And Screens
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 10 Temporary Window Vents In Unoccupied Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 0866001S
Storm Windows
Selected Reading On Storm Windows
Procedure Code: 0867001S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 3 Exterior Storm Windows: Casement Design Wooden Storm Sash
Procedure Code: 0867002S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 5 Interior Metal Storm Windows
Procedure Code: 0867003S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 9 Interior Storm Windows: Magnetic Seal
Procedure Code: 0867004S
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 15 Interior Storms For Steel Casement Windows
Procedure Code: 0867005S
Selected Reading On Hardware
Procedure Code: 0870001S
Guidelines For Installing Accessible Building Hardware In Ornamental Wall Finishes
Procedure Code: 0870002S
Door & Window Accessories
Preservation Tech Notes: Windows 7 Window Awnings
Procedure Code: 0877001S
Glass & Glazing
Selected Reading On Glazing
Procedure Code: 0880001S
Preservation Briefs: 12 The Preservation Of Historic Pigmented Structural Glass (Vitrolite And Carrara Glass)
Procedure Code: 0881001S
Preservation Briefs: 33 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Stained And Leaded Glass
Procedure Code: 0881002S
Lath & Plaster
Preservation Briefs: 21 Repairing Historic Flat Plaster - Walls And Ceilings
Procedure Code: 0920001S
Preservation Briefs: 22 The Preservation And Repair Of Historic Stucco
Procedure Code: 0920002S
Preservation Briefs: 23 Preserving Historic Ornamental Plaster
Procedure Code: 0920003S
Selected Reading On Lath And Plaster
Procedure Code: 0920004S
Architectural Scagliola: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0920005S
Selected Reading On Tile
Procedure Code: 0930001S
Ceramic Tile
General Maintenance Guidelines For Ceramic Tile
Procedure Code: 0931001S
Preservation Briefs: 40 Preserving Historic Ceramic Tile Floors
Procedure Code: 0931002S
Terrazzo: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0940001S
Special Wall Surfaces
Preservation Briefs: 34 Applied Decoration For Historic Interiors: Composition Ornament
Procedure Code: 0954001S
Special Ceiling Surfaces
Selected Reading On Special Ceiling Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0954501S
Wood Flooring
Selected Reading On Wood Flooring
Procedure Code: 0955001S
Resilient Tile Flooring
Cork Tile: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0966001S
Linoleum: Characteristics, Uses And Problems
Procedure Code: 0966002S
Preservation Briefs: 28 Painting Historic Interiors
Procedure Code: 0990001S
Selected Reading On Painting (Transparent And Opaque Finishes)
Procedure Code: 0990002S
Evaluating When Lead Paint Mitigation Is Necessary
Procedure Code: 0990003S
Preservation Briefs: 37 Appropriate Methods For Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards In Historic Masonry
Procedure Code: 0990004S
Properties And Uses Of Whitewash Paint
Procedure Code: 0990005S
Properties And Uses Of Calcimine Paint
Procedure Code: 0990006S
General Guidelines For Painting Exterior And Interior Surfaces
Procedure Code: 0990007S
Surface Preparation Guidelines For Brick, Metal, Wood And Plaster
Procedure Code: 0990008S
Guidelines For Identifying Historic Paint Colors
Procedure Code: 0990009S
Protection Measures For Lead-Based Paint Hazard-Reduction Work
Procedure Code: 0990010S
Exterior Painting
Preservation Briefs: 10 Exterior Paint Problems On Historic Woodwork
Procedure Code: 0991001S
Wall Coverings
"Pantasote" Imitation Leather: General Information
Procedure Code: 0995001S
Selected Reading On Wall Coverings
Procedure Code: 0995002S
Pest Control
Selected Reading On Pest Control
Procedure Code: 1029001S
Bird Control
Methods Of Bird Control: Advantages And Disadvantages
Procedure Code: 1029601S
Exterior Signs
Preservation Briefs: 25 The Preservation Of Historic Signs
Procedure Code: 1043001S
Basic Mechanical Requirements
Preservation Briefs: 24 Heating, Ventilating And Cooling Historic Buildings: Problems And Recommended Approaches
Procedure Code: 1501001S
Selected Reading On General Mechanical Requirements
Procedure Code: 1501002S
Guidelines For Locating New Ducts, Grilles, Light Fixtures And Switches In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 1501003S
Fire Protection
Design Guidelines For Installing Sprinkler Systems In Historic Buildngs
Procedure Code: 1530001S
Selected Reading On Plumbing
Procedure Code: 1540001S
Heat Transfer
Selected Reading On Heat Transfer
Procedure Code: 1575001S
Basic Electrical Requirements
Selected Reading On General Electrical Requirements
Procedure Code: 1601001S
Service & Distribution
Selected Reading On Service And Distribution
Procedure Code: 1640001S
Sources Of Historic Lighting Reproductions
Procedure Code: 1650001S
Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems
Guidelines For Installing Fire Alarms In Historic Buildings
Procedure Code: 1672101S