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12/22/2006 GSA Contracts Go To Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Firms
12/19/2006 Tour of the GSA Administrator's Historic Office
12/15/2006 GSA Supports and Honors Katrina Ravaged High School
12/13/2006 Monumental Effort on Flooded IRS Building
11/14/2006 GSA Audit Receives Clean Opinion
10/31/2006 GSA Boosts Disaster Resources for Agencies
10/13/2006 GSA Initiates Final Implementation of FAS
10/11/2006 GSA Makes it Easier to Buy Government Surplus
10/02/2006 GSA Infrastructure Technology Global Operations (GITGO) Acquisition Initiative
09/21/2006 GSA Steps up Outreach to Native Americans
08/29/2006 Small Businesses Get 76% of GSA Katrina Contracts
08/28/2006 GSA and DHS Open Border Station Exhibit to Public
08/17/2006 FirstGov Comes in First
08/10/2006 GSA-Lakewood Work to Build Robust Community
07/31/2006 What's the Evacuation Plan for Lebanon?...and what's GSA got to do with it?
07/05/2006 Spotlight on Small Businesses with Disaster Outreach Conferences
06/27/2006 Flooding in Virginia Affects Some GSA Facilities
06/06/2006 Statement from the Administrator June 5, 2006
05/31/2006 Lurita Doan Takes Oath of Office
05/15/2006 GSA Expo 2006 Opens For Federal and Military Procurement Community
04/10/2006 Senate Subcommittee OKs GSA's Vision for Agency Redesign
02/28/2006 African Burial Ground Honored as National Monument
02/27/2006 Restructuring and Addressing Business Realities
02/24/2006 GSA Gets to ‘Green’ on PMA
01/24/2006 FirstGov.gov Unveils Next Generation Search Engine