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This is archived information. It may contain outdated contact names, telephone numbers, Web links, or other information. For up-to-date information visit pages by topic or contact our Office of Public Affairs at For a list of public affairs officers by beat, visit the GSA Newsroom.
11/20/2007 GSA Receives Unqualified "Clean" Opinion from Auditors
10/15/2007 GSA Launches New Blog:
10/12/2007 African Burial Ground Dedicated in New York
10/11/2007 GSA Promotes Energy Awareness Month
09/24/2007 GSA Ranks in Top 10 by Buildings Magazine
08/09/2007 GSA's Environmental Push: More than Just Hybrids
08/06/2007 GSA Opens 2007 GovEnergy Conference
07/24/2007 GSA's Child Care Conference Opens
07/19/2007 GSA Adds More Hybrids to Federal Vehicle Fleet
07/18/2007 GSA's DoD Partnership Supports U.S. Warfighters
07/09/2007 Makes Time Magazine's Top 25
07/05/2007 GSA Focuses Services on DOD Customers
06/25/2007 DoD Acquisitions are Top GSA Commitment
06/21/2007 GSA Offers Data Security Solutions
06/20/2007 GSA, OMB and DoD Help Governments Secure Data
06/18/2007 GSA Celebrates VETS GWAC at June 21 Kickoff
06/11/2007 GSA Celebrates NOAA Facility Opening
06/07/2007 GSA awards $260B SmartPay® 2 Contracts
06/01/2007 GSA Holds Design Excellence Forum
05/31/2007 GSA Awards Networx Enterprise Contracts
05/21/2007 Online Sales at GSA Advantage Soar
05/15/2007 GSA Expo 2007 Attendance Expected to Top 10,000
05/08/2007 GSA Announces a New Look for
05/03/2007 GSA Awards 24 SATCOM-II Contracts
05/02/2007 GSA Awards HSPD-12 Contract for Secure ID Cards
04/17/2007 GSA Helps Agencies Go Green
04/09/2007 GSA Employees Work to Strengthen Department of Defense Partnership
04/04/2007 GSA to Initiate Final Implementation of FAS
03/29/2007 Largest Ever Network Services Acquisition Awarded
03/29/2007 GSA Honors 18 Projects at Design Awards Ceremony
03/20/2007 GSA Expo 2007 Offers Free Training with CLP Credits
03/15/2007 Eleven GSA Employees Receive FCW's Federal 100 Awards
02/26/2007 GSA Offers Free Use of Telework Centers to Feds
02/23/2007 GSA Expo 2007 Offers Free Meeting Space
02/06/2007 GSA to Extend Schedule Contracts to State and Local Governments for Disaster Recovery Purchases
01/18/2007 Renamed to with New Features
01/17/2007 Getting Goods and Services Online from GSA