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11/23/2009 GSA Helps Unveil Historic Land Port
08/25/2009 Web 2.0 Tools Encourage Public Debate
08/11/2009 Telecom Infrastructure Essential to Good Government, Brasseux Tells Networks Conference
08/11/2009 Federal Acquisition Service Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Agencies to Meet Telecom and IT Requirements, Williams Says
07/28/2009 Fleet Managers Taking Winds of Change in Stride
06/11/2009 Coleman Takes Women and Technology Conference Audience "Back to the Future"
05/11/2009 Brasseux Hails Cutting Edge FDA Building
04/29/2009 Brasseux Tells Procurement Execs Opportunities Abound
04/22/2009 Guerin Updates Border Trade Alliance Conference On Land Port Of Entry Projects
04/19/2009 Deputy Administrator Brasseux Welcomes Feds to IRMCO 2009
04/14/2009 Dorris Addresses Excellence.Gov Awards Ceremony
01/12/2009 Brasseux Helps Unveil GSA-Army Pact for Electric Vehicles