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12/11/2006 Administrator Doan Helps Celebrate Re-Opening of IRS Headquarters
12/04/2006 Administrator Doan Addresses National Contract Management Association
11/15/2006 Doan Urges Vets to Compete for Government Contracts
11/13/2006 Doan Helps Honor Top Achievers at Coalition Dinner
11/02/2006 Administrator Doan Helps Celebrate Renovation of U.S. Courthouse in Pittsburgh
10/26/2006 Administrator Doan Helps Dedicate New Census Headquarters
10/20/2006 Administrator Doan Addresses Preserve America Summit
10/17/2006 Administrator Doan joins Senator Collins for Small Business Outreach Event
09/25/2006 Administrator Doan Addresses Border Trade Alliance
09/12/2006 Administrator Celebrates New FBI Field Office
08/30/2006 Doan Speaks at (MED) Week Conference
08/03/2006 Administrator Helps Launch Border Station Exhibit
08/01/2006 Doan Addresses 8th Annual GSA SmartPay Conference
06/27/2006 Doan Speaks to Veterans at Small Business Conference
06/12/2006 Administrator Helps Dedicate New Courthouse in Brooklyn
06/08/2006 Doan Speaks at NCR Small Business Conference
06/05/2006 Administrator Recognizes National Child's Day
06/05/2006 Administrator Addresses Coalition for Government Procurement
05/31/2006 Doan takes Oath of Office