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Customer Intimacy


Agency Priority Goal:
Open Government and Transparency

GSA drove greater transparency and openness in government through the adoption of agile technologies, processes, and expertise for citizen engagement and collaboration. These innovative solutions encouraged a more effective, citizen-driven government.

GSA supports other agencies by combining products, services, and expertise to offer effective and efficient solutions to help other federal agencies meet their policy objectives. GSA developed expertise in delivering government information and services directly to citizens and helping other federal agencies improve their interactions with the public. GSA is using its strength in this area to improve the effectiveness of government by helping other agencies improve their interactions with citizens, engage citizens in government, and increase transparency in government.

In FY 2011, agencies across the federal government conducted 344 engagement activities sponsored by GSA. These activities include social media tools such as challenges, blogs, wikis, and web-forums that allow agencies to collaborate with citizens by offering a forum for citizens to introduce new ideas and concepts. By promoting the use of these tools across the federal government, GSA is increasing the number of channels through which citizens can discover information about the federal government.

Another way that GSA sought to increase transparency across the federal government in FY 2011 was through its Web Manager University. This program educates government employees on citizen engagement methods and tools in forums, classes, and webinars designed to increase federal agencies’ capability in creating successful citizen engagement outcomes. This past year, GSA trained 10,075 students through this program.

In total, all GSA citizen-facing tools and programs produced over 272 million citizen interactions in FY 2011. GSA citizen interactions include federal government information and consumer action print publications ordered from GSA; phone calls answered and e-mail inquiries received by GSA-operated contact centers; and web clicks on and, the web portal of the federal government. GSA citizen interactions connect millions of Americans with the government information and services they need.

Despite absorbing budget cuts, GSA met the agency priority goal targets for citizen touchpoints, engagement activities, and students trained through Web Manager University. GSA continues to partner with the Office of Management and Budget to support government-wide web reform and explore proposed new initiatives, including supporting the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, ExpertNet, GovYelp, Verify Payment, Payment Accuracy, the 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management, and Executive Order 13571, Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service. Although these partnerships drew resources away from ongoing programs, GSA made considerable progress this year toward creating an open government and increasing transparency with the American people.

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