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Operational Excellence


Agency Priority Goal:
Excellence in Solutions Delivery

As the government’s expert in real estate, GSA worked with customer agencies to develop strategic portfolio plans that best meet mission workplace needs, manage customer real estate costs, and maximize the performance of the GSA inventory.

GSA strives for performance excellence, process improvement, and the most efficient and effective use of government assets. GSA effectively manages its real property assets by maintaining very low vacancy rates and continuously seeking new means to increase the efficient use of occupied space. GSA provides federal agencies with workspace and collaborates with its tenants to help them more effectively use of their space.

In the past, federal agency real estate projects were approached as individual customer engagements. Now by developing Customer Portfolio Plans (CPPs), GSA and the customer agency will have a holistic view of the customer agency’s real estate portfolio to address current and future customer agency mission requirements more cost effectively. Additionally, these plans will increase the efficiency of the customer agency’s workspace and optimize GSA utilization of federal real property assets. In FY 2011, GSA developed CPPs with three customer agencies: the Department of State, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Social Security Administration.

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