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Letter from the Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Alison L. Doone, General Services Administration Chief Financial Officer.

Alison L. Doone

In FY 2011, GSA received an unqualified “clean” audit opinion on its financial statements. Although GSA has no material weaknesses, we continue to address our five significant deficiencies. We established accounting policies that we believe will eliminate two of these deficiencies in FY 2012. We also expect to make significant progress in two others. The fifth will be resolved when the Public Buildings Service has a new acquisition system that interfaces with the financial system.

In FY 2011, we implemented Phase I of the Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAAR) modules as part of Pegasys, our core accounting system. When BAAR is fully implemented, it will allow GSA to retire its legacy National Electronic Accounting and Reporting (NEAR) System. Phase I implemented the Fleet and Rent business lines and introduced the Vendor and Customer Self Service (VCSS), which allows customer agencies to access their billing data, balances and details by business line and provides on-line dispute resolution. In addition, Phase I BAAR implementation eliminates annual printing and mailing of over 190,000 bills to GSA customers. The BAAR website,, provides additional information on the project.

Other FY 2011 accomplishments include:

  • Converted over 500,000 paper accounting records to electronic files;
  • Created a Sustainability Management System that supports GSA in achieving our long-term goal of a Zero Environmental Footprint;
  • Developed the first green house gas inventory to baseline and project GSA emissions;
  • Achieved a 31 percent reduction in financial management servers, lowering our operating costs and energy consumption; and
  • Disbursed over $1.8 billion in Recovery Act Funds.

GSA continues to place an emphasis on reducing and eliminating improper payments. In FY 2011, we identified $13.6 million in improper payments, less than 0.06 percent of the $22.6 billion in total spending reviewed, and recovered $11.8 million of improper payments.

In our FY 2012 Budget Request, we committed to reduce spending. For example, GSA will reduce our travel expenses by $11 million and save another $6 million through the implementation of VOIP telephones. Shipping goods directly from our suppliers to our customers will save an additional $4.6 million.

I am confident that GSA’s commitment to operational excellence and customer service will continue to drive improvements throughout our financial management program.

Signature of Martha Johnson.

Alison L. Doone
Chief Financial Officer
November 9, 2011

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