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How GSA Benefits the Public

GSA is in its sixth decade of providing goods, services and workspace to federal agencies at best value. It is through GSA’s federal building lobbies that civil servants and citizens enter the places of government activity. It is through GSA’s electronic portals that Americans access information about the government, and it is through GSA’s contract vehicles and procurement processes that industry offers its services and products to the government. GSA introduces, shapes, structures and facilitates ways for the government to interact with itself, with citizens and with industry.

If a citizen meets a federal employee outside of an office setting, it is likely that the employee arrived in a motor vehicle purchased or maintained by GSA. Nearly all federal activities are conducted using furniture, computer equipment and office supplies procured through GSA. GSA provides direct access to a wide range of government services as well as consumer protection information by managing the official Web portals of the federal government, and, its Spanish-language counterpart. GSA helps keep the nation safe by providing tools, equipment and nontactical vehicles to the U.S. military; and by providing federal, state and local governments with law enforcement equipment, firefighting and rescue equipment, and disaster recovery products and services. logo      USA

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