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Performance Overview

GSA is a performance-driven organization. GSA sets performance measures and goals to allocate resources, establish accountability and improve Agency operation. GSA performance goals and targets are aligned with overarching Agency strategic goals established in the FY 2007-2012 Strategic Plan: Stewardship, Superior Workplaces, Best Value and Innovation. Specific performance targets were established for each GSA performance measure in the FY 2009 Performance Plan submitted to Congress in the Agency’s FY 2010 Congressional Justification.

The following discussion highlights some of GSA’s accomplishments against the strategic goals. A table of Key Performance Measures for each strategic goal follows, along with an explanation of GSA’s status against the target on each key measure. For complete information on GSA’s performance goals and results refer to the FY 2011 Congressional Justification available in February 2010 at

The key measures presented in this section represent activities which are central to GSA’s core responsibilities. Taken together, they fairly reflect the Agency’s progress toward attainment of the four strategic goals presented in GSA’s current strategic plan.

GSA achieved success for the majority of its key measures. Even among the five measures that were not met, one demonstrated substantial improvements over FY 2008 performance and another maintained FY 2008 levels. Among the successes were customer satisfaction for government-owned space and leasing, achieving cost benchmarks for cleaning and maintaining office and similarly serviced space. All the measures related to the Innovation Strategic Goal were accomplished, most notably the measure related to energy consumption which has been reduced 14.29 percent. A more detailed explanation of GSA’s FY 2009 performance is provided on the following pages.

Bar chart summarizing GSA key performance measures for FY 2009.
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