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Best Value

Develop and deliver timely, accurate, and cost-effective
acquisition services and business solutions.

As the federal government’s primary civilian acquisition organization, GSA manages widely diverse offerings and many different methods for acquiring those offerings.

GSA exceeded its target for percent within the private sector benchmarks for cleaning and maintaining office and similarly serviced space. Maintaining operating costs within private sector benchmarks demonstrates that GSA manages government owned assets as efficiently as the private sector.

Although GSA did not meet its target for customer satisfaction with Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS), survey results held steady from FY 2008 levels while GSA sharply lowered costs in this area. A high-level restructuring of GSA’s AAS and the 40 percent reduction in full-time equivalent (FTE) also led GSA to re-evaluate the business model. Through this re-evaluation, and other continuous process improvement initiatives, GSA instituted changes to standardize and streamline several processes nationwide to make the customer experience more consistent. This will help to improve customer satisfaction in future fiscal years.

Cost avoidance/savings achieved by the Integrated Technology Services (ITS) portfolio programs surpassed the FY 2009 target by more than $37 million. GSA’s ITS portfolio realized better than expected program performance in FY 2009 primarily because of increased sales volume, which increased the overall total savings realized by GSA’s customers.

Through the “Lean Hiring” process, GSA has significantly reduced the number of days to fill a vacancy, or hire a new employee. In FY 2009, this effort allowed GSA to review employment policies for staffing and recruitment and to eliminate policies that impede efficient hiring. This will allow GSA to develop additional policies that will further expedite hiring.

FY 2009 Best Value Performance Measures Summary
Strategic Goal/
Service or Office
Measures FY 2009
FY 2009
PBS – Leasing Percent within the private sector benchmarks for cleaning and maintaining office and similarly serviced space +/-5.0% 0.9% Met
FAS – AAS American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI survey) – Assisted Acquisition Services 74.5% 71.0% Not Met
FAS – ITS Cost avoidance/savings achieved by ITS Portfolio programs $824M $876M Met
OCHCO Number of days to fill a vacancy 45 27 Met


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